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The Fragility of Civilisation

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From a misquote from over a century and a half ago, industrialists like Andrew Carnegie believed that Darwin’s Theories justified an economy of vicious, vindictive, heartless competition and inequality. To this end, many quoted the following supposedly from Darwin’s “On the Origin of the species” … It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that is most adaptable to change; – but this quote wasn’t from Darwin, he didn’t say it or write it.

If we look at the state of the world, Capitalism is not humanities ultimate destination, but it works well for those currently at the top of the pyramid hence with their support Capitalism continues – like Carnegie his ideological supporters and descendants who created and sustained the beginnings of the culture we have today, a hierarchical culture consisting of the very few that have and the balance, the many, the vast majority that have not.

Contrary to the mis-quote above, Darwin’s actual quote in his 1871 book “The Descent of Man” argued that the human species had succeeded because of traits like sharing and compassion. “Those communities,” he wrote, “which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members would flourish best, and rear the greatest number of offspring.” That Darwin was not an economist is a given, his observations were scientifically based, not an un-researched ego based self-serving opinion, his view was that wealth-sharing and cooperation have always looked more consistent with his observations about human survival than the elitism, cronyism and hierarchy that dominates contemporary corporate life and hence Western culture by and large.

To sustain this fallacy, a message of unequivocal support for Capitalism has indoctrinated us at every opportunity, the proponents of which have drummed into us since birth that Capitalism is good … of course, this has been initiated and driven by those who want their sweet ride to continue and by those who own or benefit from the Corporations. Today the media influence and even control the majority of input to our minds, more especially the target is broadly humanity or as Corporations refer to them consumers, the many who don’t reflect on the behaviour of our societies our cultures and themselves.

Indoctrination depends upon constant reinforcement to keep harmful ideologies alive. But instead of being strong, our civilisation, this collection of social constructs is skin deep and toilet paper thin, and very vulnerable to the unexpected.

We are within a culture in the west where we are continually told and re-enforced that Capitalism is the way forward, so the vested interests have convinced Governments that humanity, a socially co-operative animal to live within a system that sets about re-programming our very nature, to the false concept of “every man for himself” –  this is not what we are …(so wrong) and further in our case using a hieratic structure to control is and consumerism and fear to manipulate us and debt to ultimately control us.  All for the illusions that sustains the ego – money, status and things.

Money like almost everything around us is a human construct, and money itself has been hi-jacked from being a means of exchange to now for some in many cultures, and its underlying social constructs – perhaps too many, use money as a measurement of self worth.

Further we are told that the heads of corporations are better than the rest of us, they work harder, this is totally incorrect, most of humanity works harder, they have to, especially the poorest just to survive. But the truth is they are in their exalted position as they have access to opportunity which the vast majority of humanity does not. Further how can an organisation whose only focus is profit and status, driven by people who are greedy, detached from their consumers and their staff, apathetic and uncaring of families and society as a whole and many who are psychotic, be good for humanity as a whole.

The majority of the western countries operate in today’s version of Capitalism to their ultimate shame, today it is more of a monopolistic even predatory culture …  Capitalism requires a hierarchical system of owners and indentured workers. True Capitalism was originally a free for all for the sale of products and services in a highly competitive market place this hasn’t existed for well over a 100 years … hence if a company became uncompetitive, they lost market share or were stripped and the viable assets sold. This has gone on for some time to the point now that there is little true competition, as power and control of many industries has been concentrated into few companies – we are on the path to a severe monopolistic system, perhaps Fascist tendencies via cartel behaviours, owned by oligarchs, rich almost beyond measure.

This behaviour is driven by ego, spiritual emptiness, animal drives and greed.

Most animals take only what they need …. However humankind is the exception. The greedy human take all they can how and when they can.

Throughout my early adulthood, my uninformed opinion which I didn’t question that the United States was a good guy, who’s actions we could support and aspire to, Yes they had set about purposefully dividing the world into friends and foes and spent untold funds on projecting their desires, beliefs, their aggression, control and fears onto others but more importantly at that time, they were at war with poverty, not as they do today, at war with poor people – they aspired to and embraced education not derided it, however what side the US & Australian Governments were really on became very apparent from the 1980’s and 90’s when decisions came down on the side of money, not labour, not the people – but with Government led Union busting strategies.

Multi-national Corporations are the leading proponent of what Capitalism is in its predatory form and what is will become.

Everything changed from the time, when the decline of the middle class began in earnest, the various Free Trade deals exported American factory jobs overseas, the decline of the home countries is now painfully apparent, I have considered that at some point when you effectively reduce the income on the middle class, they cannot make manufactured products cheap enough…. this has all led to the contraction of the US Economy and changed its focus from a diverse economic base to what it is mainly a service based focus … as well this has now followed a well-worn path of inner conflict and outer decline foreshadowed by many similar countries and empires of the past … the most recent being within the last millennia England, Russia, France, Spain and Portugal plus … before that Greek, Roman and many other ancient empires.

Whilst America is still a world power, it no longer is a world leader, that is respected by other countries.

Ignorance versus stupidity … we cannot change a persons mind until they are open to it, they are ready and willing to countenance an alternative way of thinking. Ignorance is merely a lack of education which can be fixed, purposeful or intentional stupidity is not so easy to resolve.

Peace comes by the way of engagement and discussions, however identity politics are highly partisan perspectives is now pervading humanity in the West, where these days a casual discussion so easily degenerates into anger and confrontation to the point these can become personal and adversarial, and in the age of electronic media and its immediacy, they have just spiralled downwards. Where as usual people instead of having reasoned response to a subject, attack the messenger …. not argue a response to the subject message.

Obsessions and Addictions will destroy an individual, a family, a community or even a country … but there are those some even simpler that will destroy all of us if let go unchecked. The Ego itself – the false you and ignorance are the greatest crisis facing humanity and stopping them from Facing the truth.

Addictions such as Drugs, Alcohol, Shopping, Workaholic (isms) , shopping via the internet, video games – the addiction to power, people who have power want more and more and more – nothing is enough for them.  Acquisitions – Corporations that must own more and more – the addiction to energy usage – in the past and today the primary addiction to oil … even though we know its consequences – just look at the negative consequences on the environment – at the same time we are deforesting the planet, our only way to repair this damage – plants which are our lungs – which are destroying the very environment that created and sustains us for the sake of our addictions – these addictions are rewarded and considered to be acceptable … when most of them originate from a total focus, even a psychosis of greed feeding the ego.

I understand that the process of putting my thoughts down here is essentially pointless, it will change nothing in the issues I mention, all it will do is get the angst out of me, and perhaps someone who reads this will be able to help create a strategy with the aide of some of these thoughts.  

Corporate or Government Actions and spin come from business or an ideology with intent, incompetence, ignorance, blame, arrogance, all using the safety of regurgitating dogma / beliefs with a lack of care or oversight.

It has been pushed through all media since the 1980’s that the essential driving force and the value of organisations are the leadership level, and the stars are Senior Management, the CEO in particular. This has been the justification for the huge difference in the salaries between Blue collar, the workers at the coal face who do the work and the C level that are supposed to direct and manage the whole organisation. This has been proven incorrect during the Pandemic, as it is not the CEO or the board members who are helping, it is the workers at the coal face so to speak.

Conflicts often come from a clash of beliefs or ideologies … in each case both sides think that they are in the right.

It takes a community, a village to create a fully formed person – this is by and large no longer available in this adversarial, kill or be killed, isolationist western ideology. For the form, the psychic make up of people comes back to primarily the environment of which they grow up in – very early … whether it is loving and nurturing or it is detached even abusive –  if abuse or detached parenting happens early on – before memory is able to remember (say Less that 18 months as a guide)  …. these children / adults will react to this implicit memory even though they cannot remember the incidents that shaped them, they will remember the feeling the emotion of that time without remembering the actual incidents or circumstances.

The way we form our emotional makeup and ultimately our personality is not only a reflection of our relationships with our primary caregivers, our emotional being, but also others which we form an attachment and ultimately our relationship with our entire culture – hence you cannot separate the nature or us (the neurological function of a human being) from the environment that nurtures us and that we continue to exist within.  We are shaped by the society we live within … Violence is not Universal by any means, but lack of understanding of the anger is. Without a village and family to bond with, in the worst case children will bond with their peers and hence gangs are perpetuated.

There is an African Proverb that goes, “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.”

It is my experience which has been confirmed by the current crisis that is the Covid 19 pandemic it is so apparent that in the current scenario this senior level management are pretty much useless. The stars of all organisations are the workers.

Social Media is more often opinion, as we know opinion is the lowest form of knowledge and consciousness, it’s is more about unsubstantiated beliefs than facts.

We plunder the planet, without regard for the planet or other life forms. But the majority of people do not respond, I guess we are in denial, unaware or un-accepting of our effect and the now given future outcome … or more likely we don’t think about it at all …. the evolution of life on the planet is still going on and either we will evolve to a more present, responsible life form or we will go extinct and Gaia will try again.

Capitalism … demeans those things that are not valued by it – a man who is a basket weaver in a village … perhaps the best at what he does .. because his process is not valued by the “New” Capitalist dogma, the person perhaps feels demeaned and unworthy.

Going back to Normal after the pandemic (if that is possible) … but the old normal only works for those who have money, opportunity and influence at the expense of everyone else   … not for families, not for the majority.

The Buddha said, the one contains the many and the many contains the one – Whilst we value the ego and its illusions we will be led by the manipulators into the Abyss … if we are, then we must remember that the world will survive our short tenure but we will not.  Gaia will start again with hopefully a better new life form, who thinks of the impacts of their action, not just selfishly acts.

I hope it may give you another perspective on the status quo, that almost nothing that surrounds us is real, it is a purely human way of creating constructs to help us understand and live within a shell that encompasses our culture deliberately excluding all others, in the west the culture is a form of Capitalism, which is primarily Adversarial, punitive and unforgiving.

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