In Cyprus 2019

Welcome ..

Originally from an Old Media (Television, Radio and Film), content production & distribution. I am learning new things to compliment what I have already learnt to take into this new facet of my life … trying to help those same people from Old Media come to terms with the fact that they cannot control the internet, but they need to work with it to form and build that which the Internet does best, which is to create communities and build relationships.

Use it as an asset to nurture and grow a community with your organization.

We all have the world, our home in the palm of our hands… now what are you each going to do with it..?

Like everything …and everyone ..our priorities and focus changes over time … for now … look around at the end of a period in the evolution of our planet … for our culture is heading for oblivion … unless we change what we value.

For me I would rather create than destroy .. nurture and heal than win (what )

I offer my blog writings as observations to raise awareness only, to stimulate others, perhaps even to entertain, I pursue no agenda and I promote no political philosophy.  If you wish to quote for non-commercial purposes, feel free. I ask that commercial users contact me for permission.

A writer, an author developing, a philosopher, an explorer pushing through limits, a long term exponent of Qigong, Tai-Chi and Mindful meditation.


David Sanders

Email: 7fnmail@gmail.com


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