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Poland – a choice

April 13, 2010 Leave a comment

My sympathies go out to the Polish people, friends and family of those traveling in the jet that crashed and killed the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and many of the country’s political elite.

In the upcoming weeks, the Polish people have a choice, lets hope they choose well for the future of Poland.

Please see the article from the Times here

A brief profile of the President and further background from is here


Blowing in the wind

March 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The world we grew up with, is blowing in the wind…  (an extract from a recent Skype discussion of mine with a business associate…)

David: Yes – the whole world is blowing in the wind… the world we know now will not exist … when this global paradigm shift is over…. the pressure is mounting world wide for a major event…. to make us realise something that will be a key to our own survival… and future

CRP: Can we be prepared?

CRP: or will we be prepared?

David: No… I don’t think we can be… I think the only thing you can do is hold onto your faith, whatever that is for you… believe … and love and help who you can…  as you will be helped…

CRP: Very well put

David: thank you….  we are all here for a reason… we just need to realise and not limit ourselves by our ego and daily perceptions…  I am a little way along the road, but from time to time, I too need to remind myself, to take my ego out of the now, and accept gratefully all that is given… and what is also taken away…  you learn to be grateful for what you have… because each of us truly have a lot, by being accepting of what happens and rely of your beliefs… that will see you through … I believe

I guess what we need to realise, is we cannot survive without the world, but going on our performance in the last 200+ years, the world would truly blossom without us… so please take notice..

Just think of this – how much of the past survives today….?  Just imagine if all that was left of us were the things we have… 10,000 years from now ( not even a blink in the eye in relation to time) , almost nothing would survive of today… but ideals, the whole, love, beauty, art and our human spirit is eternal… it does not need a place… it is everywhere and in everything.

Being a whole person

March 5, 2010 Leave a comment

A little voice inside of me …. came from afar… from a really good friend … who has quantified something that has been growing inside of me for years… in essence “feelings” which allow you to live in the moment… in the now… isn’t that what we all need to do… live for the moment… it is far better than to live in the past, or the future…..  to live in the now is my goal…..  but most of all, I want us to feel the impact on others of our thoughts and actions … when we use our force or manipulation to hurt other souls or to hurt ourselves or Gaia… all of these actions we do for expediency (with the supposed hypothesis of “the end justifies the means” – the end is never justified by corrupt, un-ethical or means without thought or honour) or to shore up the insecurities in ourselves, but surely, as with all misdeeds we inflict on others, by the very nature of Karma, such actions will always come back to bite us, as they should.

Remember there is a bigger picture…. and everything that happens is not always about you.

Really I just want you to think…  do think before you act…. to that end I would like to present you with a talk from Eve Ensler by way of Ted Talks… I hope it at least makes you think…  if the embedded link doesn’t work, then please click here Eve Ensler Program


So where am I – really ?

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I know I am mainly content, and that I do not normally get upset or anxious about the effect the world has on me.

Hmmm…… that’s not exactly true,  sometime when I don’t look after myself, don’t eat well, don’t sleep enough or don’t exercise …. it all hits me at once… and I know what I have to do to make things better for me…

Once I start meditating, sleeping and exercising and watching what I eat, things change for the better very quickly… occasionally I have this need to eat certain types of food…. sometimes lettuce, vegetables, or other green leaf vegetables which quickly get me back on the straight and level…. it reminds me of the times when I walked my dog, and he will stop and munch away on this piece of grass or the next… my body is saying I need this…. once you oblige .

Emotionally I am pretty fine… I read a lot, and write a lot, so most of the issues I have inside me to talk about end up here… on in the word-processor… it is amazing how therapeutic it is… there is somewhat of an emotional emptiness as this sort of life can be somewhat solitary… but when the Universe believes the time is right … I will meet with someone who I am to share my life with… if that never happens, well that would be sad, but I guess that would be all right to…

So I am going to think how far I have come… and come back here and talk walk it through – to see how much a belief in yourself, in your goals, in other people can lead to success… which of course I have not achieved in full in material terms as yet, but I am achieving in spiritual terms, for this I am happy.

So I shall meet you back here to talk about this in the future when it is the right time for you and for me.


October 19, 2007 Leave a comment

You dream, you visualise and you create the future you think you want – the next day your dream has become your new reality – (is it what you thought you wanted) – and as you look back to those times – you know in your heart that they were the best of times  – I didn’t know – I was too much in a hurry to grow up…. why didn’t someone tell me – I have made mistakes – we all have and do, we are human after all – relationships and hearts were broken – one day you are dreaming the next, your dream has become your reality – it was the best of times – my youth, our youth – if only I had realised. Now I have – is it later – lessons have been learnt – what we should and shouldn’t do – to grow and search for our passion during our journey.

Remember everything you are and everything you will become is already within you,

I don’t believe it is ever to late to start your life – start now and enjoy your life – start now for the rest of your life..


This is worth reading..from Elisabeth Haich

October 17, 2007 Leave a comment

Hi, I came across this today in my research – I think it is very worthwhile for everyone to take on board…if they are open to it – sometime in their journey.

“IN THE LAST GREAT EPOCH in human history, people in the West forgot completely that it isn’t enough to knew the secrets of physics, mathematics, and chemistry, and that on the contrary the very first object of man’s study, research and understanding should be man himself, the discoverer of all these secrets. While his attention was directed to things outside himself, he neglected to look inside and ask the question, Who am I? This omission had serious consequences: while technological developments became ever more perfect, ran himself became more and more imperfect. At the very time that engineering and technology were enhancing man’s personal comfort, his soul was sinking deeper and deeper into dissatisfaction and misery. A person who has lost himself is plagued by burning unrest, and the result of inner dissatisfaction, tragedy within the man, is always war, destruction, cosmic catastrophe. Humanity plunges into misery for the same reason that people seek happiness outside themselves, instead of in the one and only place where it can be found, within! But the sufferings that often seem to grow and compound themselves finally force us to turn our attention away from things and toward the person who is suffering — our self ! Sooner or later we must learn that the true reason for our sufferings our abysmal lack of self-understanding and self-control. Man simply does not know his own soul and the principles and forces at work deep within it. He does not know the source of his thoughts or the tree of his wishes, and chained dawn by this ignorance of his own being, cannot control either himself or his destiny. In the same blind way in which he follows his animal instincts and urges, fate buffets him to and fro like a rudderless ship in a storm. On the other hand, when one has learned recognize the various levels at which life goes on within his self, and learn to control himself, he is also able to control his fate. The power which guides our fate did not create man for misery but for happiness. Only blindness pushes him into suffering.”

From Self Healing, Yoga & Destiny

You can see the full item at the following link..


How did we get here – what has happened to honour, integrity, honesty and love of our planet, our personal spaceship

November 29, 2006 Leave a comment

Over the past few years I have changed my views on the way the Western world runs their Governments. However I don’t really see and alternative, however the socialist Government of Bolivia and President Evo Morales seem to be (at the moment) working well at the moment.

The purpose of the Government of any country is to serve the people of the country – this idea that the Government is a business is wrong and perverted. The government is there to provide a wide range of services and infrastructure to the people of the country – not to in fact make a profit. There is a case when previous Governments have written cheques which the couldn’t cash without going into debt – that a period of correct?  & responsible (joke) financial management should follow – however in the case of the Australian Government – this has been carried to a state where the Government is acting as though it was a business – the surpluses should be returned to the people in the way of better services in the areas of education, health, social services – the defense department should be scaled back so it there to defend our country (which it probably couldn’t do no matter how much money they had) and not be used to project power and influence outside of Australia.

The United States could do it once, no more – they are not in a position to do it – to project their political persuasion – no matter how much they think it is right, it is in fact a form of political terrorism.

The state has been reached where the likely hood of normal Australians being able to (1) afford a University degree and (2) be able to buy a house is reaching credibility.  Perhaps so far as University is concerned we should consider a indentured type of service – for instance if you do a 3 year degree then a 3 year work period within the Government or a 6 year service outside of the Australian government – but still paying taxes within Australia – should be how it would be funded.

Perhaps if we had social style of Governments that could in fact balance a cheque book, and could operate a strategic plan – which at its central core realized that change costs, and therefore it should be planned for – on a step by step basis. Remembering that the quickest way to loose office is to affect the swinging voter’s disposable income.

Unfortunately Governments in general like businesses – seem to operate on the Machiavellian premise that the end justifies the means – I have said this before and I shall say it again – the end never justifies the means – all it does is totally devalue the end result.  The idea that something good can come out of such a approach is ridiculous.

What has happened to honor, integrity and basic honesty?

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