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The future is for us, to create together

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently I commented on a blog … it was truly a refreshing wind blowing through the normally .. Sclerotic thought processes of the status quo … I liked the post, I think we can learn from it … I would like as many as possible to read it …

A comment I made on the post … I feel acts as a good introduction 

I read many blogs each day, the majority offer criticism of what is .. with no developed alternative to suggest … here we see a way that normal people can break the current business as usual model … and create a real way forward at grass roots level, the writer of this blog post sees the problem clearly, for surely the essence of the failure of the current system is, Yes, competition is a good thing … but this focus of “killing” the competition leads to less competition, not more … and the Capitalist system only works when there is a lot of competition.

Instead, now we have ended up where power and control is increasingly being consolidated in few hands… and as history clearly shows consolidated power crushes liberty … there is no way for them to co-exist, and so democracy and freedoms are becoming a memory.

These same organizations where power is being consolidated have been driving us to “buy to consume” … Why ? … because they need us to, so they continue to exist … there is great wisdom and freedom in being free of debt … for when you are in debt, you are not only paying the debt with money, but also with your freedom.

Other aspects of this strategy, is that it supports like minded people and organisations. Also in the wider market, it gives Value driven support for small business, which allows them to grow and hence increase competition, and with the support of like minded organisations that are not driven just on price but on equity, relevancy and impact … it will succeed, this enhances choice.

At a community level, the exchange of produce to help each other is a great point to start with and perhaps over time, this may grow into community driven projects such as growing food, or (?), the great upside is that it gives purpose, and brings everyone together to help themselves and each other … this develops everyone involved, promotes community cohesion and purpose and lessens the likely hood that people will fall through the cracks.

This post makes sense as it is something that everyone can do today … to challenge and change the what is, to what it can be, for at the end of the day, if we all don’t do this who else will ?

The post is here it offers a critical point … but the need by business to kill the competition is flawed … for if business really understood the term collaboration and cooperation, there would be no reason for this kill or be killed belief, the trouble with killing the competition, is that it destroys not only the competition, but also competition itself and the capitalist model … think about it … for then if the model continues we end up with an effective monopoly, and if it continues to its ultimate conclusion, where business takes control of Government itself, fascism!!

Here my friends the future really is in our hands … we must create our own way … governments have shown themselves incompetent and incapable … so lets do it ourselves … ???

Any thoughts or comments are welcome …. or perhaps some thoughts at other topics to look at further ….

Peace is possible

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

If this comment irritates some, spur them into action, perhaps even deep penetrating thought instead of some predictable knee jerk response, then I believe it will have done its job.

I think peace is possible, but first we must ask what sort of peace …. but for the right kind of peace, much within us has to change. But think of how better life would be worldwide if we created instead of taking the easy way to destroy.

I look at the mess we are in, and I wonder will there ever be change short of a peaceful revolution, but even that would be misdirected, because the real problem with our society is that we value the wrong things – for me the only way we can change the future is to change what we teach our children to value. I cannot see any long-term change until we start to do this … how about we start with the basic principle of Socrates , further let’s look at Gandhi 7 dangers to Human Virtue  we as a world, don’t comply with one item on either list .. Robert Louis Stevenson said “Everybody, sooner or later, sits down to a banquet of consequences” – I think we will choke when our time comes, as it inevitably will.

Countries make friends and reach understanding when they start to Trade, in other words when they form relationships, we need to seek to understand others.  A dream of mine is why not lets all of us, reach out to someone more often as not to make a new friend … pretty soon the whole world would be a friend or a friend of a friend, then we would have an understanding and perhaps the start on the road to peace. Once we can relate to another person, regardless of their race, creed, religion, place as a person. Then perhaps we will have some insight to see the world through their eyes, then and only then will the world begin to change.

By and large our leaders (poor choice of words I know) have no values or moral operating compass. Change will only come about by the will of the most, to force our servants (???), the politicians to listen. We do however have the “Leadership” we deserve, due to our apathy. The trouble with Politicians, they are expedient in their thinking, something that breeds, amoral thinking. I have never thought that Politicians were worth much, as real people, most aren’t, they are weak, morally bankrupt, corrupt, or just not to bright – but you shout to me “they are bright” well if that is true and this is the best they can do … goodness I can only lament for the future of the human race, as we really are participants in our own destruction.

Currently we have few options as the same current flawed thinking exists of both sides of the electoral ballot paper. So what is our response? Systemic change is needed, how do you think we should move forward?  There is nothing wrong with change as it has always has been the only constant, but change must be for the better, not just change for its own sake.

Sustainable systemic Change that improves the lives long-term for of all of humanity is good, change or revolution for its own sake will not work, as violence just breeds violence. Then we have anarchy, and dark times for all.

Mind you non-violence worked for Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr … perhaps it will work again for us, for humanity. The establishment will try desperately to maintain control until that fateful moment, when perhaps a Policeman or a credible person, says no, then change will happen and it will come in a heartbeat.

Whilst the Euro zone is heading for the biggest financial correction in history, some of the ideology behind it is admirable, perhaps we should apply it to the whole of humanity, where everyone has an equal voice, and no one has a veto. This is why the UN doesn’t work.

Perhaps we should follow those profound words in the US Constitution … “All men (and women of course) are created equal …” these are admirable thoughts which I thoroughly agree with,  but to me some men seem more equal than others … what’s with that by the way ?

The only time we seem to pull together as a species when it is a global threat, then when we all have our backs to the wall, side by side, when we are there very soon, look around and you will see that the enemy, as we are the enemy.

Everyone knows, or should know that Politicians and vested interests are there to stay in power to perpetuate the now or as President Ronald Reagan said “Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in”

Further, we don’t learn from history, everything we are doing now, has been done before, recently, the Nazi’s, Pol Pot and the killing fields of Cambodia,  the British Empire, Serbia, Israel, Palestine, NATO, the Friends alliance in Afghanistan no doubt more to come plus innumerable others I have not mentioned, took the decision to kills millions of people for only one reason (labels), because they were different, they thought differently, they believed in something different, it happened yesterday in Nigeria because of flawed fundamentalism – no loving God believes in killing. By and large these forces of death should no longer exist, but we now have new evils, Washington / NATO, and the military industrial machine, that need wars and death so they can survive and pay dividends in more death, so they are really no different from what has come before … they kill innocents and spin it as acceptable collateral damage … they kill, using drones, piloted by some x-box toting functionary 1000 of miles away. Really does Washington, London and Brussels think that they are immune from the consequences of their actions, because if they do, get real, look outside at the world you are creating as a result of your beliefs and you attitudes. I really believe that these evil doers believe it doesn’t apply to them. We have to stop thinking that the end-game for any negotiation where we don’t get our way is to pick up a gun.

As Noam Chomsky said  “Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it”

Truly, I think that the leadership of the world needs a true shakeup, as we transition from the decaying structures and failing systems – We will have to do more with less, and in my view I believe the world would be in far safer hands if we were led  by the feminine of the species, women, but by women I don’t mean testosterone in a skirt …

I truly wonder if the human race will ever grow up, to me we still act as young children at playtime recess.  One day Gaea may  decide enough is enough, let’s be done with this flawed experiment that is the human race and try again … but then she has all the time in the world, whilst we do not.

Broadcasters need to change – to stay relevant and viable

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment
I wrote the below to a company in the UK about their response to a submission of mine.

“ I am not sure you will read this, but I am taking the chance you may, I have been all across media, from Radio, Television and Content production, now more focused on strategy for current and future delivery systems, and how companies, particularly those former monopolistic media companies, such as Television will survive and prosper.

What I wonder, and perhaps you can enlighten me, why Traditional (old) media does not view the Internet as a partner instead of a threat, it is the ideal resource to allow them to form “true” partnerships, rather than the current viewpoint of most broadcasters where they treat these “communities” in anything but an accountable and collaborative way, they either totally ignore their feedback or treat them as a target for Email fodder… the potential for the internet to build support, communities and a future (though a more accountable and transparent one) for old media is there, it is profound, it just needs to be tapped with the right strategy.

Traditional (old) Media needs to be more open and inclusive, they need to provide content that their customers (which isn’t the advertiser) want to view, value them and treat them with respect, why not to start with a treat,  for example, like asking your customer base what they want to see, or how they see this character or that character or that relationship develop, this is the essence of the difference between old and new media ( although the whole idea of being tied to the end-user would be impossible and abhorrent for a really creative soul, Broadcasting is not about true creativity … it is about putting bums on seats ), however if those in Broadcasting are not responsive with a collaborative strategy, traditional media will be about as relevant to the future of content production and delivery, as the current manufacturer of buggy whips are to mass transit.

Old media has to become relevant to the future, they need to stop lamenting about their past glories. For instance the Internet, will not have in the short term, the capacity to deliver product to all, as Television and Cable / Satellite technologies do…I wrote a paper about this and other new growth business models back in 2008, though currently some aspects are changing, conventional broadcasters do have a real positive, and that is unlimited “connections” if you like, the true mass media model, something that under current and short to medium term prediction of capacity, the internet does not – but that gives old media a breather, it is not a reprieve.

Broadcasters need to change direction, as I guess I am doing, re-inventing themselves in a new guise, they need to find a different business model – but I guess my point is, just as in the past, the dire predictions from the other old media such as Radio and Cinema has had to do, they had to find a different way to prosper, they will have to specialise, but first of all they need to listen.

When Rupert bought MySpace .. it was a disaster waiting to happen (and I thought so then when I wrote this and this about Fox and old media), MySpace is now floundering because of the stereotypes and the inflexible and unrealistic short term strategies that Fox tried to impose on the organisation – Fox, like many in the industry are just not structured or psychologically equipped to operate in the internet, as they like most conventional media is looking for the quick fix, the magic bullet, when there is none

They need to face and change, not only change to their structure and the organisation, but more importantly to their old viewpoints, a true change of culture is needed … do get with it, please remember what century you are in ( I am saying that a lot lately ),  your consumers do not want what you think is best or spin, they want respect and to be valued, especially the future generation s –  the up and coming new consumers, including my sons ‘Y” generation  … respect them, ask them what they want and listen and that will help you mold your future.

There is so much more to this .. but finding someone who will even listen, and is open to the inevitable changes needed, that will make them a force in the future is almost impossible to communicate to those who can make the change – now that is irony.

I don’t really want to be the one to say I told you so when it all crumbles and the jackals are there looking to the future picking over the remains of the carcass of old media.

Thoughts anyone –  or send me an Email

Innovation for the future

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

What is the best structure for innovation (not just research and development) within an organisation ?

I think it is essential for the future of any organisation to be looking towards the horizon and hopefully over it … so lets look how this sort of structure will operate within a organisation.

Well that’s the first point, I don’t think it should, I think you need to create a separate structure, including its own management structure to pursue innovation and excellence.

This structure has to be staffed with people who are dedicated to building a new future, but at the same time as being independent of the main entity, they need to be fully integrated from an information flow, point of view with the main organisation, so they are working in concert.

Also from an accountability and progress viewpoint. These need to be measured differently than in a normal organisation, you cannot measure productivity / progress and “performance” using the normal financial markers –  the performance and their results have to be measured differently.  I think their brief has to start with testing all of the “given” assumptions. Their primary function is therefore to think, hopefully “Outside of the Box” –  to develop thoughts from the ground up (with few assumptions), in fact to learn what is possible, what will work and what will not, therefore the progress needs to be measured by what they have learnt, this is the measure of progress & performance.  After all Edison once said he knew he would find the right material to create the light bulb, after all he was running out of materials that didn’t work .. even a negative result, is still a result which we learn from.

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