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Content vs Technology

April 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Teaching is a huge responsibility, and the actual pressures of teaching whilst at the same time being pressured for many sides concerning productivity … budgets – it is so clear that teaching is not what it used to be – so far as the huge amount and the breath of content there is to teach, is I am sure is part of the problem .. when I started with an Classical Arts education which talked about Art, History and the inherent transfer of values, principles and ethics, (before we decided on our career paths) admittedly it was a different world, however in the formative years of a child’s education I wonder if the intense focus on learning business or career applicable skills is the right course of action …. for things like true ethical behaviour cannot be taught in a classroom – it is something that is integrated into your personality over time from your primary caretakers … such values and principles must be part of the person themselves … my view is that on-going education just educates us in how to learn to prepare for the work force … unfortunately too many of the graduates I have employed are too focused on theory and have little or no ability to understand the human cost of their decisions …. there is little or no empathy for the people and the lives they live (away from work) and the responsibilities that necessarily come with it … so we have huge numbers of people who just fall through the cracks .. with little or no safety net … this goes further as Lewis Carroll might have said, down the rabbit hole … into another discussion all together, outside the scope of this post.


I am not a teacher … but my observation would be is I wonder if the focus is going away from the content we are teaching the next generation … to focus on the technology that delivers the content … it like focusing on making a book, rather than the content it delivers … we could go deep into this (perhaps I will on one of my blogs) – the philosophy of the internet … however my view is that we need to focus on the content, and more face to face collaboration, although in an Online Teaching Environment that may not be easy, but there are ways of fostering such a circumstance … otherwise we will end up with a generation, essentially of loners … whose world is the internet … and the fantasy world it represents … and hence have no interest or ability to interface with fellow members of humanity – what kind of society that creates can’t be sustainable.

If we want to positively change the future of humanity away from the senseless pursuit of more, we need to start by changing that which our children are taught to value … if they learn to value technology over people and the content itself, that is like having the cart before the horse … would it not be preferable to foster a collaborative and creative culture, perhaps we need to start by really engaging and communicating with each other, rather than talking at each other – after the essence of the internet is supposed to be social, and interactive, therefore engagement is a pre-requisite for a relationship .. we are no longer in the passive media days of Mass media … we should look at this further I feel. To me we seem to be without thought, running full speed into a abyss, just because everyone else is.

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