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Political reality – Australia

June 24, 2010 Leave a comment

The fact that Julia Gillard is now the first Australian Women Prime Minister is a momentous event for Australia… one that I predicted all the while Rudd & Swan kept on shooting themselves in the feet through their non-consultative approach to leading the country – with the final nail being the RSPT. Even today Rudd seemed to be in shock.

Julia Gillard maybe if she and more pertinently the Labour party does not self-destruct between now and the next election the first elected woman Prime Minister. That would be great, that Australia could elect a Prime Minister, representative of the majority of Australians (by sex). 

Now if only they could find a decent treasurer who had some practical knowledge of Macro and Micro Economics with some out of the box original thoughts and the gravitas to deliver them Labour might have a good team.

So Political reality is here… hopefully the Coalition may take the opportunity to refresh their current loosing team, but they won’t… they need to lose the election first …. lose the opportunity again … before they try and sort through the the very few quality leaders they have to choose from. 


RSPT Changes – is this Government having a Blonde Moment?

June 12, 2010 Leave a comment

The RSPT… I of course do not cast any slight against blonde’s in general who are far more intelligent than the players in question, namely Rudd and Swan

From Rueters (with a staff reporter)

Swan says country will unite behind RSPT

Meanwhile, Treasurer Wayne Swan says Australians will come to support the RSPT, given the need to boost super, build new infrastructure and help small business.

“The country united behind stimulus and we’re confident that in the fullness of time – despite all the argy bargy of recent weeks – they will get behind these plans for a stronger economy as well,” Mr Swan said in a speech in Brisbane.

“I’m not going to pretend this debate has been easy, but it’s a debate I welcome because it goes to the core of our prosperity in the Asian Century.

“It’s really important we have this national debate and every view gets aired as we work towards the final detail of the policy.”

Like I said …  I keep saying this about Swan and Rudd… are their any lights on in Canberra… blonds as well as being more fun, have considerably more intelligence that these soon to be “former” members of the Australian Government..

Swan and Rudd … will be the first players at their level… I was going to say calibre (wrong), to shoot themselves in both feet …. I wonder if Labour wants to get re-elected… if they do … some tough choices by the back room boys need to be done and done quickly…. it proves again that the Labour party has NO concept of Business or their irresponsible rantings into the market.  Changing the sovereign playing field after miners have made their investment is the worst form of governance… retrospective taxation is a totally cowardly and irresponsible way for governing … of course if they had made these changes only for future projects they would have earnt nothing as no future money would role in as the International miners including Australia’s own will look for greener pastures – including moving Billions of dollars out of the Australia market … to a more amenable legislative and tax structure… I wonder if there is any room in Monaco..? and there are plenty of countries out there who would welcome the miners with open arms – the other downside from this as all the employees in those countries everywhere but Australia will not be paying their taxes to Australia…. dumb.

Now all that needs to happen is for the Sword of Damocles to fall on Rudd and Swan and Australia can move back to reality – without the RSPT  …. do that or Labour could spend the next 13 years in the wilderness.

If it doesn’t and they get this legislation through the house, it will not hopefully get through the Senate …  however… Bob Brown also has been known to have his blonde moments.  They won’t use this for a trigger for an early election as they , the Labour party will lose.

If they don’t come back to reality, then Julia Gillard would be hopefully be the first Australian woman Prime Minister… who hopefully can think without testosterone and ego getting in her way… so long as she remembers that she is governing for all of Australia, and not just those of the Labour persuasion… the “Them and Us” attitude is the biggest single reason why this world is not pulling together…. The only down side of the alternative option is that if we have a new government, then perhaps Abbott may be the new Prime Minister… hmmmm…. the man who said in Public not to believe what he said.. sometimes… please define sometimes… can you put up a sign please.

Copier Security

May 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Since 2002, many of the “normal” office photo copiers, sometimes printer, scanner & fax machines as well keep images of everything that is processed through the machine during its lifetime.

I think it is worthwhile viewing the Video (via the link) as broadcast by CBS News in the USA, to become familiar with the risks and the process that we should go through when a copier you own, rent or lease is sold or returned to the lease company and removed from your office.

The sound is not really great, but stick with it – as the message is important.

Copier Security

A brief view of the USA

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Currently with all the necessary hype, the compromises and the deal making, the United States Senate looks as though they will pass the unemployment support and Health assistant bills as per the following link from USA today… but again we come back to the essential problem that we have with the USA, if they were a person they would be accused of a felony as they are writing unfunded cheques.

Who owes the US debt ?  China, Saudi, Japan..!  I guess I have said enough.

With the disclosed long term liability of the USA sitting at in excess of Ten(10) Trillion dollars and the Un-disclosed amount , probably ten times this. The USA is in all sorts of a mess.

Currently instead of an lessening of the unemployment rate, we have the USA getting worse, see the figures below (an extract) and the link to the Wikipedia information here

European Union European Union 9.3 %

Burma Burma 9.40 %

India India 9.50 %

Croatia Croatia 9.60 %

Hungary Hungary 9.7 %

United Kingdom United Kingdom 7.80%

United States United States 9.70%

Russia Russia 9.9%

France France 10.0 %

So much for the USA doing something constructive to resolve their problems, instead of concentrating of the income issue and increasing the amount of money coming into the coffers by putting people back to work – they have spent untold billions writing cheques for programs they have no way of funding without going further into debt… and making the strategic policy of the USA subject to influences from Beijing, Tokyo and Riyadh.  Meanwhile, those people that have traditionally supported free enterprise (I am not talking about the Republicans here) and are working all the hours that are possible to create a income, find themselves being taxed into oblivion..

Not only now, has main street paid the money to support the generosity to banks and corporate America (without it seems, any conditions) – now the disposable income, increasing the likely hood of unemployment becomes real to millions of Americans – but what are the consequences on the children… do they get the vocational or scholastic education they need to drive the USA back to a semblance of their former self, or will the USA make the mistake (if they haven’t already) of becoming a third world country.  The one measure of this in my view is the focus of the country on educating its citizens – currently too many people world wide have few prospects of employment. However at least it may stop the movement of jobs overseas to China and India… Yes I know, I don’t really believe that myself.

Because the real issue in the USA is the short term focus of the corporate culture, that they only think in 3 month chunks, they have no long terms view, therefore they are not investing in the future, by investing now.

More to come soon… or why there will be another financial crisis…  unless we actually do something to regulate the banking and finance sector.. many countries have, those that did, do not feel the effects of this ongoing financial crisis that we are experiencing…

A New World…

March 11, 2010 Leave a comment

There is no point postulating why we are here… we all know why…In the commercial and corporate world there needs to be changes in the basic way we judge performance… and this will mean we need to change the underlying motivations (this will require a huge paradigm shift… this kind of shift usually only comes about after a dramatic event) … and the laws and regulations that are built on them….however the whole structure we call civilisation is in grave danger of blowing in the wind… by just running around putting out fires… the usual response from Governments, the people who have little original thought…. these people are great at spin, and putting a positive face on something that has no positive aspect… the US and many others Economies are in a deep almost irrevocable situation – the only positive aspect there is that is will pave the way for a new world order…. this will happen by revolution unless somebody takes the leadership…  but I do not think any form of leaderships has the balls to do what is needed…. and so all this political spin and noise (which will not change anything) –  which is in essence is inactivity is going to be the death knell of the financial commercial world (which underlies our whole way of life) as we know it. There is huge anger brewing in the population, after denial in the grief process we then have anger…   it is a basic part of our make up… and it is something that cannot be diminished by spin…   I think the depth of this anger is being undervalued…

I published an article about a scenario of dramatic civil unrest in the world, particularly the USA (due to the easy availability of weapons) .. and right now I see only negatives.. no positives… for instance… no matter how much the USA needs a Universal Health system (and it does need one), now is not the time to bring one in… (due to the debt burden it will manifest) soon the national underlying debt of the US economy and many others including my own… will reach those of a banana republic…. and once that stage is reached ….its only a matter of when, not if there will be civil unrest… big time… the rule of law will be on the line … and we will have a revolution… maybe not a full drawn out Civil war type but it will be real (it will be the end of the status quo at the very least)… with one side (the government) using everything in their power to maintain a self destructive march into the chasm, the rights and values that the founding fathers hold dear… those underlying the US constitution will be revoked… and the other side… normal people will be trying to get some say over their own lives…. and some quality of life for themselves and their families.

Also remember, now a large sector of the population have little if not nothing to lose. So is civil unrest an possibility…. I have spoken about this before … here

The end result, especially if Government’s use the Army or National guards against their own citizens is a foregone conclusion.

Then we will have a great period of anarchy…. but after all this and the feeling our way in the dark a new basis for the world will put up its hand… it will be different… and we will need to try and come to terms with it… because in the end, it may not be based on individual or corporate greed, the problem now is the majority of people are in financial servitude to their Feudal Lord… their bank, their boss or their governments. This cannot go on.

There is a huge Political chasm between the Conservatives and the Democrats that seems to have no resolution, not even perhaps with the cost being the USA itself … I believe we are on incredibly dangerous ground, so perhaps before 2016, we will see prominent signs.

I am confident that the necessary changes to stop this or at least postpone it will NOT be made within the current financial and political system… I see little hope of anything that could make a difference being done – so we are all in for a new experience…. I am not diminishing the seriousness of such changes, especially on our own personal freedoms and safety…. but when the smoke clears… until the message and the morals are again corrupted .. there will a new moral paradigm.

I hope I am wrong… but I don’t think I am.

Financial Crisis – update

March 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Before, during and now, after the initial developments in this financial crisis – business has gone on as it has in the past… a crucial element seems to have been overlooked… and that is necessary Change Management within these organisations… we need to change the way they think, otherwise we are just marking time until it all happens again in the USA or somewhere else in the Global community.

The Commercial World as always is being driven by improved margins, from the incredible daily profits experienced on Platforms, to productive companies dealing in providing end-user products and services – they are at least creating something that is tangible – down to Mr. & Mrs America being paid less than 5-10% per year (which is taxable) on their hard earned dollars… the difference between the rich and the poor is widening exponentially.

To me it seems that the basic premise of how these organisations function has not been seen as important… since the Glass-Steagall Act was revoked… we have been heading for this.  The basic way these organisations operate has not changed… (although controls have and are being introduced) we still see organisations basically owned and controlled by various Governments around the world, still paying bonuses… outside of normal guidelines.. and these Governments seems to have no control, they are willing to use.

Meanwhile main street in the USA has to pay for all of this… it is something they do not understand… and like the stages of grief…. sure denial is one of them, however the other stages of grief need to be considered, one of them being anger… so I am not sure we have got to denial as yet, in the stages of grief…  for their less than enviable debt burden, not of their making, why they are in debt, and most likely some generations to come will be…..

The reaction from Governments world wide has been lets run around and put out fires… this can be related to a Doctor treating the symptoms and not the cause… we are not out of the woods yet… it will take whole generations to change attitudes… if it is even possible, I do not see it as even possible until the basic premise of focus on short term reporting cycles, and the payment of unrealistic bonuses, changes within organisations – when we were in the middle of the crash we saw CEO’s and Senior people being given Golden parachutes basically being paid for their lack of focus, as they were obviously not concentrating on minding their businesses.

To date for the American people the only recourse for severe disappointment has been by the ballot box… I am not sure this will be their only recourse in the future.  This is a significant system failure, and the underlying root cause has still not been addressed.

Change the way that the people that run these organisations, and then we are on a path to stable financial infrastructure… don’t and it is going to happen all over again.

Success with Moira Forbes

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Liked this…. some really good sense about being successful… in running a company…. with regards to ethics, performance and mentoring and in particular with the most important asset a company has, its people… I also really agree with the view that as a CEO you need to be challenged….  you need to surround yourself with people who will challenge you… in short… such a protocol will make you grow and evolve and as an end result the company will be the “Best it can be”…

The idea that because we have always done things a certain way… (unless it is still working profoundly well… which I doubt) … this by itself is a good enough reason to investigate change….  you need to look at the alternatives to improve…. markets change…. technologies change… we change…. companies also have to evolve or they will fall by the wayside…  Change and Change Management (including views from all stakeholders) are essential parts of any organization…

Moira Forbes… Success Snapshots

(Sorry u need to sit through an advert, but I think it is worth it)

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