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Invitation on LinkedIn

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

This is the edited context of a message I sent to a contact of mine on Linked In ….

For myself I tend to write a bit in my blog and ask the simple question why do companies continue to do it this way … or that ? Whilst websites are “your virtual windows to the world” they are only part of a virtual strategy along with those such as Twitter (@intmf) and even Facebook .. actually Facebook surprises me, I went on there in the past few weeks for a personal page to stay in contact with my friends around the world and it is quite amazing the contacts you receive …

Organisations cannot ignore the internet –  you do so at your peril.

I would say in passing I am not a fan of unsolicited direct marketing in any shape or form – even subscription based direct marketing has serious flaws in its business model, it doesn’t nurture or interact, it generally just dictates.

The Internet is about building relationships and through that communities, too bad (to name just one, who should know better) Television, Publishing and Films (old media attitudes) just don’t get it, they need to realise (there are organisations that do) that this is the 21st Century (I say that lot) and start using it properly as a real part of their strategy instead of alienating your virtual family by using them as Email fodder.

I have written about this a number of times, old media needs to think laterally and develop a new business model, for the internet, especially in the world of copying of digital files …. they could make money out of this … but instead they make the lawyers rich and damage their brand and lose their business focus in the process – by trying to control the uncontrollable.

Old media, has thrown money at buying internet operations, to try and fill a hole in their own business model, however as one example only you just need to look at what a disaster News has made of MySpace by forcing them to comply with old media philosophy (about control – which is such b/s) as with the internet the truth is that no one is in charge.  You are either on the internet or not .. trying to be on the internet behind pay walls will not get you a wide audience …. of those who will subscribe, many will have the the same antiquated values as your own, or those who relate to the scarcity of this “resource”. There are many ways to make money on the internet, advertising seems to provide a handsome return for the majority.

News’s idea of an Digital Newspaper subscription is likewise flawed –  guys and girls get with it.

People do want to be a part of something that interacts with us, asks our views, nurtures and supports the relationship .. they do not want to be dictated or lauded over … these days people vote, in the idiom of Facebook by unfriending (disconnecting) you – all connections are about choice, and the normal basis of the decision is the status of the two way relationship. When people purposefully disconnect this seriously damages a organisations brand in the view of the ex subscriber, people talk about their experiences … but because there is no way to measure why people really disconnect (no there isn’t) even though people try.

Other organizations who are deeply involved with the internet and its technology are the legacy carriers who are stumbling forward and falling over continuously, in Australia one who comes to mind is Telstra –  I talk about them here superficially –  I hear from various sources that AT&T is suffering serious problems with their customer service and network as well. This may be similar to the issues with Telstra which from where I sit is evidently a lack of a strategic vision from the board and a very flawed organisational culture.

The only way to operate in the internet, or anywhere in fact, is to operate with ethics and honesty as your base values, with a total accountable and transparent culture actually giving a dam about your customer –  too many organisations say they do, then like with the ANZ Bank –  someone in their organisation didn’t get the “this is our new culture memo” ingrained into their own values and personal culture, their lack of personal integrity and values damages the organisations as a whole … this reflected very badly on the ANZ Bank especially after being recognised as a sustainable bank on the world stage.

The whole flawed philosophy of business is expedience …. whatever gets it done, the trouble is it doesn’t – these flawed strategies just widen the gap between the provider and the customer.

Anyway, way too much to talk about here … if you like we can chat one day or I can give you one of my blogs to check out .. (I have three) …

I am working towards clarity and simplicity

Darkest day in 327 years …

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment

An amazing shot below of a time-lapse video of the Winter’s Lunar Solstice.. it was shot December 21, 2010 from Gainesville, from approx 1.10Am (local EST) to 5.03am EST local Florida time

Gulf of Mexico

October 4, 2010 Leave a comment


A sea turtle is mired in oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on Grand Terre Island, Louisiana June 8, 2010. (REUTERS/Lee Celano)

From the Bostpn Globe, here is the link to over 40 other pictures taken during the disaster… we all did this .. because of our dependance on oil, hopefully some good will come out of this… and from where I stand, it could only be we need to invest in fully sustainable renewable sources of energy … many countries are …. we all need to get on board,

Arcimoto Pulse

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi… here is something I thought was interesting a new electric 2 seater car, made in the USA..

You can contact them…

Arcimoto, LLC
544 Blair Boulevard
Eugene, OR 97402

(541) 683-6293

here is the link to their website…

Telstra the Australian Communications , what I wonder?

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment

This is a bitch session… in that regard you may want to move on… however lets start.

Most of my business life I have felt inclined to support Telstra… support Australian and all that – now I wonder why..

Aside from being about twice the cost of everyone in the marketplace, which the spin has always been then give superior facilities, features, reach and service – this is proving to be very old… and frankly untrue, as when it comes to the main markets their service, features and support is no better than their competition, however one aspect of their operation (I am sure there is more) is just plain pathetic.

For the real issue is the billing and payments side of their operation, where they interface with the public, in this case with me…. they make commitments when you are signing up for a service then break them,, they agree to charge $x then make up the charges as they go along, and whilst I find the operatives at the telstra subsiduary at Bigpond, generally refreshing and worth talking to… Telstra itself, is a disaster… now I am not blaming the people within Telstra… they work within a shell, a system, but some thinking must be really askew here, someone or some oversight committee has to be a fault for such a systemic failure of this part of their operation.

They promised me a refund for some equipment we purchased, then 4 months later when I queried it, they said they had a problem with one of the codes… after all they cannot say they couldn’t contact me to correct the issue….as the whole refund was based around my email account… really!!!!  Then they said it would another 3 months… do you think Telstra has some cash flow issues….??? If not what could possibly be the reason for their pathetic customer service.

Every month I dread the arrival of the bill, they always.. ALWAYS screw it up… I have just been able after 6 months to make them understand I cancelled a service and have not used it since May… A month ago Bigpond agreed I have been over charged and gave me a credit of just under $200, but it has not filtered down to Telstra billings… they are still demanding payment for services I cancelled 6 almost 7 months ago….and the other side of the coin.. having new services connected.. well I moved to new offices in May… and they have still not connected extra landlines I need.. which we ordered before I arrived.  I wonder if anyone else can do that for me ???

Think I will go looking for an all around provider… someone who actually listens to me… whatever happened to the old idiom, the customer is always right… they seem to function on the premise that the customer is always wrong… they do not listen to their customer base… this will cost them dearly in the long term…  people will walk… very shortly me for one… if the DO NOT LISTEN.

Media, New Media: Convergence – is misleading

October 1, 2008 Leave a comment

I wrote a paper about this – if you like I could post it here – convergence as a term with Media & New Media is misleading – TV and the mass media models will never be replaced by the Internet as they are effectively two separate markets – TV, Newspapers and cable including satellite are true mass media technologies whereas the Internet is not – and with the current pipes and technology it is not going to be – I am not saying here that the Internet will not have a effect on the media (old media if u like) because it will – any use of the Internet for access to entertainment or even other purposes whatever that might be – will effectively take away part of the market from Broadcasters – but not in the way that most people postulate – there are new technologies in place Using the next generation of interactive video technology and services, through the global adoption of the Real Time Content Media Platforms – this will allow potentially companies that I work with in New York and San Francisco to use their technologies and enterprise platforms for the formation of personalised TV channels on the Internet – targeted directly to you and hence paid for by targeted advertising.

I keep saying this – Old media needs to use the facilities of the Internet – for forming communities – to involve all viewers into supporters of a particular show or network – sort if you like like the old fan web sites – but in this case to actually involve them and listen to what they have to say.

Hard copy versions of Old Media, Newspapers, magazines will be hit fairly hard in the long term – but it will not obliterate the media – what may be the death knell for Newspapers as we know them, primarily me thinks due to the costs of distribution via costs of production and transport, printing costs and the long term backlash for Sustainability in all media.

Have a look here for the download of my original paper..however my views have changed from earlier this year as well – now I don’t consider the impact will be as profound.

Internet Content – There is no one in charge..

September 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Further to my previous blog entry – here

One day the content producers will start treating the Internet as an ally and not the enemy. Life is about change and the Internet is and has been challenging the old business models of the Multi-national content producers – the thing is the Internet cannot be controlled or governed.  Forgot the old ideas that you have to control all avenues of distribution – work with – and eliminate the problem.

The trouble with and at the same time the beauty of the Internet is that no one is in charge and therefore no one is responsible, so no one to sue. So in this case Viacom in their hunt for income – they say they are loosing – how they can quantify this I don’t know, so the content producers are going after the portal itself.  Which is owned by Google – sounds like it will be easy – a walk in the park – No I don’t think so.

The Internet is all about forming communities and the provision of information, normally free, we pay for this in our connection charges to our ISP & Telco’s for access, and the corporate world reaps its income through the results of paid online advertising

Viacom obviously does own the content and yes they have a right to control its presentation by licensing in the Media whether it be the old Cinema or monopolistic media, or by download via the Internet. But you cannot win this fight – does this mean you will attempt to take to court every single portal accessing the Internet that uses content such as video, audio or even script.

What they should consider – is to use the Internet and provide all of their content at give away prices, or funded by say advertising either within the content or via a YouTube type of control (where you cannot download). 

Some ideas…

For instance, what if you said to your audience on the Internet, I will give you the content for free on the basis that you sign up an account where I can target you with relevant advertising for you interests. This is TV on the net, I know that there are several companies that provide this type of technology for such a portal now.  There are a number of other business models as well.

What about digital control – where someone can download the content from the original providers site – and get to view it for say 30 days – after that it would no longer play – and they pay a  nominal amount to re-activate it or why not have advertising built into the downloaded content and you can get rid of the advertising by again paying a nominal fee. You could encrypt a license into the video content itself – therefore if someone then uploaded the content as above – you would have someone to hold accountable.  But whatever you decide to do, keep the operations and administration, automatic and the biggest of all – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID –  Administration on-line would be a breeze.

After all your business is the creation, production, distribution and licensing of content – so sell it – how, it doesn’t really matter, after all, your are used to dealing in quantity – in this case you are in a large numbers game – 10 or 100 million downloads at $1 or $2 cash or payment by licensing advertising still is serious money. After all what are your costs then for distribution per download, a couple of cents?

Please send all job offers to this address – – guys and gals grow up – law suits in this case are counter productive – but they do benefit one industry – the lawyers – they are basically the only people who win.

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