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“Consumerism and Minimalism” Part 8 in the series “On the Edge”

February 18, 2018 1 comment

This is Part 8 in the series “One the Edge” …

Preface and Index – for my series “On the Edge of the Abyss”is here
Part 1  - A Paradigm of Control — here
Part 2  – Retail and Consumerism — here
Part 3  – Politics — here
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Part 5  – Media — here
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Part 7 – Cultural Division, The Media, Judgement and Projections – here
Part 8 – Consumerism and Minimalism – here
Part 9 – Humanity in 2018 – here

The majority of humanity seem to worship a God called “Money” and its descendant “Consumerism … the consumption of things. This obsession with consumer goods, and iconic brands is putting us to sleep, anaesthetizing our spiritual hunger and awareness.

Valuing externals, such as Money and things creates prisons for us .. because if you value things, possessions, money, securities … we fear losing it … it becomes a focus, we become a prisoner of it.

Many people put material possessions at the center of their lives …. Perhaps they think that somehow all these possessions will meld and gel into a happy satisfying life …. it seems that we invest in material goods not for their own sake, but for their symbolic meaning …. a connection to something … perhaps they create an illusion … that says to us, these things bring us a status in society that has been ….. infused into us .. by society that things will bring an intangible which we have been seeking …. Self-worth, self-respect because of all that we have achieved … an ego boost (the ego is the final creator of all illusions) all because we have the latest or the best that money can buy, this need to consume is brought about by out about by deeply held beliefs and probably an long animal instinct to collect things, today this consuming materialistic culture is nurtured and promoted by advertising and marketing, as it has been for generations. We have by default, because we were born into the culture, absorbed it and most have invested in it … however once we achieve success … this desire to accumulate the latest the next gadget, the latest car, the house in the best location or the next thing becomes our goal … until we do, then after a short time, we are looking for the next thing (that our ego believes that society, peers or advertising) says will make us happy, bring to us respect, all to fill the void within us.

We buy these gadgets, these toys not in for their own sake, but for what we think that they will bring us as a consequence …

The pressure we feel whether overt or not from our peers and contemporaries who appear (on the surface) to have made it, they have the latest and greatest … but we never look beyond the surface to really understand why we do this, why we consume, what does this cost us?

When I was younger, it was the expected a way to fill a void, I didn’t even know something was missing, but over time it did not matter what I bought, the feeling of happiness, contentment was only transitory for very soon after, the desire to possess or consume “something else” raised its head … for me there came a time, when I looked around and thought I have so many things … way too many things …. and then I started to wonder, to rationalise .. “what do I need this for, why did I buy this” …seriously, do I need two dining tables, three TV’s .. do I need a TV at all? … three prestige cars – when in reality all I need is a way to get around ….

A emptiness within spurns craving within us is sosmething which is never sated, for we can never have enough things. (Symbols ) but what does it cost us as individuals, what does it cost our families and eventually what does it cost society … in terms of time to make these purchases … to Transport with the inevitable ecological and environmental damage that it generates … for very rarely any account by the manufacturers of the cost to the environment is in the products … as I have heard economist say to me … they are externals to the costing structure … they do not concern this project.

It costs our family, because it takes us away from them, so we can achieve, we can accumulate, then we arrive at a turning point …. We might ask ourselves who am I doing this for, for my family you might say .. ask them at least when they are young … they most likely would rather have you in their life than an absent parent, who is this person who they rarely see, who may rule their lives, but seemingly has no interest in living it and engaging with them in theirs.

Remember the cost of material possessions is not only in their outright cost, but it is really in the time it took to make or repay the money and also in the lack of freedom that it brings with it … we pay for things with “Time” as we have to pay for all this stuff .. and we won’t be free until we do, so how much of your life are you willing to give, just to possess something.

Yes we do need to buy things to live in this society, and there is little wrong with ethical consumption .. consumption that comes from need, and not just desire .. what I feel is worth understanding is the need for us to compulsory consume … buying stuff because that is expected, not only by others, but by ourselves … because of trends in electronics, trends, fashion … because that is what the expectation for this default template is for the path to happiness.

You might say we are living the dream … but the thing is, it’s not our dream – what it is for us, is a distraction … redirection …. Self-indulgence and consumption, these manifests and changes our human identity from no longer who we actually are or a definition of what one does, our actions, but we are defined by our possessions, but what one owns, things.

Consuming things brings does not happiness lives which have no purpose and no identity other than to consume, things will not bring meaning into our lives, things will not make us feel loved.

For me at the end of the day … this is my life, I made a decision, do I want to live it with my values, or following a surface path to consumerism and possessions …. for me I want to get the most amount of value for the things I purchase, I purchase only what I need, not what I want or the latest of “X” … I make a short list of priorities in justifying almost every purchase … do I need this .. will I use it … is it well made so it will last, (can it be repaired) and hence I can do the least amount harm to the environment and from my perspective the maximum of amount of good for the world … I consume what I need, not what is expected of me by others …. It works for me and it minimises my impact on society and the planet.

I am a traveler … before I left Australia, I sold or gave away everything I owned … I travel now with a suitcase, a laptop, a phone and an eBook reader …. I neither want nor need anything more … extraneous things to me represent clutter, they inhibit my freedom.

One day I will find a place to stay for a while, then I may buy some minimal items to facilitate living, I will grow my own food, which I do now when I can, or I know or have met the people that do (when possible)

Live with intent … live deliberately, we obviously must seek to have enough for our needs …. but we each must find a balance that works for us.

Our current materialistic path is destructive for ourselves, for our friends and family, our souls and ultimately for our culture and the planet.

But consuming things and owning things does not satisfy us and give us what we all desire … a longing for meaning – for me there is one statement I live by “Love people and use things, do not love things and use (or manipulate) people.

Life – when accumulating more things … the focus should be on your family on you and your needs, not on externals.

The platform for media has changed from Mass Media to Social Media … but the message is the same … buy, consume, spend … now with social media and tracking, advertisers can market directly to the consumer …. For their technology enables this invasion by commerce … consumption, sales, money allows anything, so it is thought.

An old saying is that you get to be point, “that we buy things we don’t want, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t personally like” … Why? Acceptance, conformity, Status , ego or fear?

Advertisers sell manufactured food that is a product, made in factory from the cheapest components … food nowadays is more of a product, for it is generally without life, just a composite of chemicals … there is little of nature of life in the products we buy – we are so divorced from the natural world that we regard nature as occasionally a nice place to visit … but we don’t want to live as a part of it ..

What is the ethical arguement that is made to subject children to this barrage of advertising (other than to make money), to sell Junk … via a strategy which sidelines the parents or guardians and sells directly to the kids …. is there a long term advantage to the child (the consumer), other than to teach them life is about consuming, about distraction, where is the meaning in their life?

The impact on these inevitably disposable items is a negative for our bank accounts, for our freedom and for the environment through the cost of transport (Energy and pollution) also through the non-biodegradable waste, like plastics as well as the ever-present pollution that it generates in our society.

In my view, consumption for the sake of it, is irrsponsible for it comes with a cost, to the planet, which so long as we keep denying or delaying it, will be paid by our children, grandchildren and descendants.

Our actions express our priorities as does our lack of action …. … is this the future you want for yourselves, for your children, your family for the future?

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“Divisions within us”, Part 7 in the series “On the Edge”

November 23, 2017 2 comments

This is part 7 of my series which started HERE with the Introduction and Index for the series, “On the Edge”, a perspective on our times.

Divisive Culture, Part 7 in the series “On the Edge” | Engagement – a point of view

Preface and Index – for my series “On the Edge of the Abyss”is here

Part 1  - A Paradigm of Control — here
Part 2  – Retail and Consumerism — here
Part 3  – Politics — here
Part 4  – Beliefs — here
Part 5  – Media — here
Part 6  – Control & Propaganda — here
Part 7 – Cultural Division, The Media, Judgement and Projections – here
Part 8 – Consumerism and Minimalism – here
Part 9 – Humanity in 2018 – here
Part 10 – A Path to understanding and dialogue – here


In the days before Social Media, the majority of the news came from Mass Media, such a Television, Newspapers and Magazines. Through mass media, we are exposed only to the perspective of these media companies, especially when it comes to their opinion on the events concerned. This is a passive relationship, between the media company and the reader, as there is no conversation normally possible.



Social Media on the other hand offers us the ability to engage and project our own beliefs providing many different perspectives on the same event … some credible, some manipulative, some fake, others plain delusional – although it can be said that the divisions in society were already there …. The media, fake news and social media, opens the “sore” so to speak, creates more as well as exacerbating divisions – Social Media, particularly Facebook, seems to operate by exploiting human failings, one of the outcomes is that it dramatically polarises society for or against an issue – there are too few seeking to find something that approaches the true situation, for we must seek to find credibility in these resources and not just accept them without examination, just because they agree with our beliefs, our own confirmation bias. However social media also has a negative side … that is being exploited.

We have those perspectives from alternative media that feed into and manipulate the fears of their readership … proposing such theories that project Condemnation, conspiracy theories and blame (Like Governments who almost always blame a minority in the population) and straight out projection of personal beliefs, as always assumptions based on beliefs are dangerous ground for organisations which are meant, well hypothetically meant to factually report the news.

This is important I feel .. if you have any questions of concerns about the veracity of information you are receiving via the internet and particularily Social Media …. ask yourself the following questions ..

1. Who is writing the stories? – is the source credible .. though that is not always a guarantee of veracity to know if it is true or misinformation, designed to misinform and create divisiveness.

2. Who benefits from these stories? – does a political party or aspect of society benefit from say misinformation contined in the story .. please evaluate the story impartially, not through the primary filter of your political beliefs.

3. Who is missing from these stories? The other side, a different perspective on the situation.

4. Verify anything that can be verified in the story, don’t share it or believe it merely because it agrees with your general beliefs or agreeing with your confirmation bias.

The whole concept of conspiracies (real or not) also feeds into our fears and powerlessness, our victim mentality – this can generate frustration and eventually anger and on occassion action to right a perceived wrong, if we don’t let it go or educate ourselves. Those that practise deviseness and manipulation of the population have been wildly successful, since conspiracy theories, race resentment, Islamophobia, misogyny and other base bigotry, sorry emotions have a significant visceral appeal to ingrained beliefs amongst, those suseptible.

All of the above have the added advantage of diverting focus from the real and present problems in a society or culture.

Why people don’t look at peoples actions as what the true expression of who they are as people that they respect is quite beyond me .. those that vote for a certain party, because their Daddy did or they always have show a true lack of intelligent curiosity, however that comment is in itself a stereotype and hopefully will prove me wrong when people let go of these beliefs and move outside their safe beliefs and bubbles and reclaim their political power.

Social media is essentially about engagement, the creation of a relationship, the act of choosing who we wish to engage with and “disengaging” with those we don’t creates a bubble of people with like-minded beliefs … we don’ have to engage with those we don’t wish to. Hence we are not open to the opinions of others, their perspectives which may be creative and what’s more factual and therefore true – but we have little tolerance and it seems no empathy for others and their point of view or where they find themselves in the world, this choice further esacerbates divisions.

One cannot help to form the opinion that Paywalls installed by News organisations is an issue that is harming the ready availability of information and news. It may be a major reason for fake news.

Social Media

What will be the shape of society and culture in the future, this may be determined primarily by the economy at this time, but also how society relates to itself … and how we relate and engage with others.

We can look at countries that are a major influence on culture such as the USA which is or should I say was a trendsetter, a leader, now sadly it appears to be one of the most severely divided country of any …. It is hugely polarised, a country where people when they first meet after introducing themselves describe themselves, by including their Political affiliation … I found this many times in my recent trip to the USA …. This for someone from outside of America is odd and incredibly unusual. Depending on their political beliefs are people saying “beware”, it is almost setting the conversation that may come for possible conflict and blame.

Too few organisations actually just report the news … instead we have an opinion provided by the organisation, which is often the perspective from someone, they project their views (or the ownerships views) onto us … too often that perspective is partisan, corrupt, wrong or manipulative.

Years ago, when I understood the concept of Social Media … I felt it would be a wonderful way to engage with the world, to build communities, to understand the world and to engage with Politicians to help keep them accountable. However the dark side has become ever present … along with the issue that there is no one in charge, it has become a harbinger or darkness through the worst of flawed behaviours that humans can generate.


We live in a culture that project their beliefs (in many cases uniformed, biased or bigoted ) onto others … in this way people set themsleves up as a “better” person, a more moral, more aware … but we do not build a society only on morals we primarily build it on ethics … for people who criticise or attack others this doesn’t change the target of their attacks, it does change who we believe these people are who project their beliefs … they may be so empty or angry that they need to put others down to make them feel better – our western society seems largely built on ego driven desires, selfishness, ignorance and fear… this alone will mean that Twitter, Facebook and the like will thrive …. With Trolls, those broadly speaking people who wish to punish, blame and ridicule others .. all this means their anonymous behaviour in the most part ideal for Social Media as they are generally not held accountable, although that it changing.

From Neil Perkin, a current topic as below … a perspective

We live in a culture that loves to blame the victim. Women who report sexual abuse, sexual assault, and/or sexual harassment are perfect targets for those who would blame the victim. Even beyond all of the comments we could make about society working to protect the status quo of a male dominated culture there are psychological payoffs to blaming the victim. Blaming the victim helps us avoid that reality where horrible things can happen to any of us at almost any time. If we can blame the victim we can believe we have the power to avoid being a victim because we are smarter, wiser, more moral, and more careful.

Victim blaming seems to take one of two main forms with infinite variations. The first form is denial. “She is lying.” “It did not happen.” “It did not happen like that.” This provides instant comfort because the bad thing simply did not happen. The second form can be far more subtle and involves the victim being responsible for their own victimization. This blaming involves all of the wonderful suggestions such as “why was she there,” “why didn’t she just leave,” “why didn’t she just say no.” Often these also go with the high moral judgment of “I would have never.” Blaming the victim can be very seductive. However, doing so simply perpetuates and even fuels the problem.

The flaw here in that hindsight and anonymity that the internet provides is a woeful perspective, it is not in any shape reality, the unconscious, flawed behaviour of those that ridicule, blame and condemn, rarely have had the experience in question, they comment to enhance themselves – but they have no idea of the situation that confronted this person … the reality is that Condemning others does not liberate, it oppresses.


What we see generally of a “person” on social media is a persona that is created for the medium … we rarely see the person, hence although we use the internet through one of its strengths, in building relationships, sharing our thoughts and information … but it this happening? …. I would refer to this extract that discusses communities from Gizmodo.


“…the price we pay for having more personal freedom is that we lose social cohesion on the larger scale. We become less committed to our neighbours and each other. If we are to survive in the global village, we must somehow find a way to recreate that sense of community.”

I can see this point, but I do wonder about the true impact of technology in all this.

The formation of collaborative groups has become easier than ever as it is the strength of the internet, for technology is so effective at bringing people together. Yet we don’t value it, for we have become disconnected from others and to some extent from ourselves… we idealise people who we have never met, hold them to impossible standards and yet fail to nurture and value our closest relationships in the house, in the street, in the community, the country we live in.

We judge … we project … we dismiss … we blame others all to make ourselves feel better about ourselves and the possibility of being better at the eperience of others, of that we judge. Through ignorance we do this without understanding what we are talking about …. Fear, selfishness and ignorance are in my view the main reasons in my view the world is in the state it is.

So is technology contributing more toward social fragmentation or cohesion? Do our own limitations, and the increasing mobility that the technolgy provides means that it is diminishes our sense of community, communication, engagement and belonging.

If we could only look behind the shut gates, the security measures and the closed doors into the hearts of mankind? – a perspective is that our lives sadly are not our own … politicians run a game of fame of attention that projects their emptiness and self-serving agenda onto the minds and lives of humankind. As millennia go by, any number of games of ideals are touted as the answer to mankind …. none have been because they all use the defunct command and control mentality … it’s a basic game of follow the leader, sadly there are too few that qualify.

In my opinion, the future will eventually consider a collaborative, co-operative one a form of community consultation … leadership from within the group.

Belief and Religion Inspired Intolerance

Religions and Churches, have all exploited the credulity of believers not for some higher good, but to enhance their self, their power base, influence and income.

Within these Churches, there are true holy men and women, however the trouble with any organisation, and particularily those that sets themselves up to show the way to “God” (however you perceive it) is that it is controlled by mere humans who are not perfect and along with their ego and desires they have taken opportunities through the ages to abuse people and inflict untold murder, abuse and sufferings.

Bigotry and Intolerance are learned behaviours, coming ironically from a lack of education … this lack of education and hence the resulting lack of understanding, empathy or compassion is in my view the main reason for conflict in the world.

Voltaire, had a poor opinion of the Catholic Church in France, as it was the very dominant religion at the time, said the below when he was speaking of this in England ….

“If there were only one religion, then Governments would very possibly become arbitrary, two religions and the people would cut each other’s throats, but as there are a multitude, people are happy and live in peace.”

Voltaire statement applies in my view equally to an ideology as to a religion, sadly it is my opinion that too many people become ideologues of religion rather than have faith it in, pray and act with honour, but without hypocrisy.

All religions and ideologies as well, have their dogma – limiting yourself only to your bubble of beliefs in religions of ideologues, leads to the worst in human behaviours

Before you take what is shown on a web page in social media or elsewhere …. make sure it agrees with you innermost thoughts and values, do be curious and open to the new .. but ensure it is true … find other sources that confirm it … check its veracity.

Think, most of all think …. do not follow dogma … because dogma lessens us, betrays our full potential … don’t follow it just because it is easy … you are unique … make you own way. Steve Jobs had a beauiful empowering thought concerning this …

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s
life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of
other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown
out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow
your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want
to become. Everything else is secondary.”

– Steve Jobs

When we each create peace within us, only then can we project that peace out onto the world spreading peace and love for all us. … but is it to late for this generation for has separation, division, judgement and projection become dogma. Dogma is just someone elses thoughts, imposed on you, ( there is no guarantee it is right for today, or in fact ever was .. it was just accepted ) create your own path, your own direction, your own bliss.

My posts are simply my perspective and are offered in the spirit of discovery, exploration and evolution – take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Perspective on the aftermath of change …

August 6, 2017 Leave a comment

There are times in our lives when we need solitude, it becomes totally necessary, this can give us the time we need to try and understand the past, the challenge which we were presented with, and we hopefully understand the reason for the challenge in the first place .. and at some point understand, what we have learnt from the experience. This is something that is incredibly personal, and simple … but it only needs to make sense to you, it must be simple, not convoluted, not a conspiracy.  

We do need people in our lives as well …. 

Please bear in mind that God, however you perceive the divine to be, does not judge or punish us, we are totally loved and understood, what I have learnt is that because of our beliefs we punish ourselves …. As others behave towards us … often the perpetrators of these lessons, the others in our lives cannot see the import of what they have done, they do not understand nor it seems care, all they see is something else they desire – their actions do the rest.

For us to be free of their actions and any time in the past, we must forgive them for our own sake, so we are no longer controlled by our past.  After we have conquered the challenge, we grow, we become stronger … more solid in our foundations.

We know that Trust is the foundation of all relationships, without trust, there is nothing …. in my case that was critical to the lesson I learnt, which also led me to understand the nature of love itself, not the conditional kind, this love which I speak is not available to most of us on earth, or should I say in the duality world. So I wait, for that love to come into my life, will it come, I am told it will, in my meditations (but I don’t know) …  one needs to be careful when speaking or listening to our souls, for the soul is in a large way influenced by our spirit, so when speaking of subjects the spirit holds dear, it may be incorrect … as you may also know our Karma is held in our soul … so asking the soul a question can possibly lead to the creation of an illusion …. I keep coming back to this … Accept, stay present and flow … this little phrase is one I have to constantly remind myself of.  I don’t know this, but it feels right that Karma also springs from our past lives and carries forward. As we progress if you are not at peace, fulfilled, or haven’t realized unconditional love, then our true abundant nature may be obscured, it may only be part of the process of spiritual evolution, please do not judge yourself, as I feel we must have faith and take little steps, but just keep moving forward.


We lament constantly with the rhetoric that comes from others, from Politicians, the ignorant and the uninformed or those who have – in their mind – the illusion of knowledge …. To be detached from their rhetoric and actions is hard …. But it is their perspective and so long as it is only rhetoric there is little harm to it for you and I …. The problem becomes manifest when issues are constantly regurgitated … it changes the tone of the conversation from being just blame and criticism, often about subjects which we have no influence over, like Trump, about the past, also fear / uncertainty concerning the future  … where constant repetition may bring depression, blame, guilt, shame, fear – frustration and may lead to anger and violence … this is when people stop thinking and act to hurt or destroy… all these are also part of us, but being apparently a victim, can be quite destructive to our consciousness, our self-worth, our sense of self, our strength … because we think we are powerless, when in fact we are the crucible of all power, for we are unlimited, we are the Universe.


This is all just a perspective, it has no more value than anyone else’s …. I would welcome your comments and thoughts concerning this. Please note I still have moments with living in the world, like things happening that are unexpected …. I have to also be aware of over thinking anything …. Over thinking in a way is like digging a hole, deeper and deeper … to survive, at some point we have to let go of the past, an event a person and begin again …. It feels so good when we have this realisation and act, for it feels like a great weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

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A perspective on engagement and people

August 5, 2017 Leave a comment

I find talking to people of like and different minds stretches our boundaries, takes us to places we had not dreamed of, breaks boundaries and brings new perspectives, even on the ordinary. Such was part of the reason I left Australia, I disliked intensely the frenetic, chaotic surface thinking that was the norm ….it was mostly about the self and self-gratification … and sometimes even just about survival, I felt in the environment I was within I could not grow any more …. for this was driven by the last thing I wanted to happen was to be on my veranda when I am 90 and think I should have done this or that, I want no excuses, no regrets. So now I often ask myself what to do, or where to next?

Please try not to limit yourself, the Universe will give us what we need …. I too have financial limitations … when I hit something that looks impossible, I always think, I cannot do this … YET … for your life can and will change in a heart beat …. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. For me to ameliorate such thinking, is to have my plans my goals and move little steps towards them, if for instance you wish to live in Provence in France… then think about a dream board … take baby steps and the pieces will slowly come into place, or an event could happen in your resources that makes it eminently viable.

There is an inverse relationship between faith and fear …. The more faith you have in yourself and the Universe the less you will be fearful …. Great Big Hugs!

The past is only for learning from … it does not define who you are or who you will become, in time, we hopefully forget what hurt us in the past, but never forget what it taught you!

Please … forget how things worked out in the past, for you were doing the best you could at the time – forgive what happened, for when you do you will find true freedom, … next time will be different because you are not that person anymore. Don’t limit yourself, the Universe has plans for you … the pain you have gone through brings us a lesson, at some point understanding this lesson will bring strength, which can bring a purpose … I know I went through what was effectively the same lesson three times, before the last and final one (so far) … that was the basis of so much evolution and growth in my life. I am told by my close friend and former teacher, that these lessons are us working through our Karma with the people concerned, to address our own actions or the learning experience which we have chosen …. One of my lessons was the nature of love, the difference between conditional love and love and the difference between a Cathexis and real love – the word love is such an overused word, that it many conversations it has lost its true meaning …. All these lessons are so subjective, I can only talk about how they affected me, I cannot present this as some sort of dogma, because to start, I am not a fan of dogma, it’s a bit like building a prison … and putting society in it … I don’t believe it is our role as people to generate dogma, or to project our beliefs onto others, but merely to help guide everyone back to their own divinity which they have forgotten for the moment.

We speak of others, lamenting on the countries I have visitied, for say America or other societies, I cannot in any way understand their thinking, or for the many, the lack of it, their insular behaviours examples like Trump who is the epitomy of the Kali Yuga, the worst of humankind, such people are all about the ego, driven by an uncontrolled id (Freud’s model). Don’t judge them for as Jesus said, “for they know not what they do” just accept (not agree) and stay detached, the dogma of the current paradigm and the stalled emphasis of the almost dead consumer society that has created them – frankly no one knows what the next stage of society will be, there is no political direction, so its up to each of us to follow their own path

Just remember that everyone, every soul is in transition, from where they are, and given enough lifetimes, they too will reach the light, or in the case of Buddhism, Buddhahood.

Many times, of Twitter I have been accosted by some who have a different view than mine, sometimes abusive, I don’t enter into a discussion, because one must realise that we cannot change someone’s beliefs, (this they must do for themselves) – some are there on Twitter purely for their own ego, to tear someone down to enhance their own faltering ego and emptiness …. engagement with such souls is pointless. My response is usually “Thank you for your perspective”.

You may have an internal witness, if not as yet you will in this life or another … this entity acts to empower us, to allow us a different perspective on our thoughts, to question thoughts that come from desire, from the egomind, from our past and our “what is” – (in my case, it acts to tear away or question the internal fears and erroneous beliefs) that the normal subjective self-judgement would allow us.

When we master the art of staying present, still often we have to remind ourselves that the way to treat this thought, this circumstance is to be mindful, be present in the moment – that reminder to myself was and still is on occasion, a revelation.

The Yugas

According to the Mahabharata a Hindu epic scripture (the Bhagavad Gita, in only one part of it), there are four ages of truth ….. We are currently in the Kali-Yuga the last, the darkest and most corrupt of the ages – the attributes (?) of this age are all around us. At the end of this age, the dregs of mankind will be removed and we start again at the Satya Yuga, the Golden age. Needless to say, we will not be in these bodies when the new age restarts, it is called the Satya Yuga.

To start the first age, the Golden age – that Satya Yuga here –

After the Satya Yuga a decline marks the Treta Yuga

After a further decline brings about the Dwapara Yuga

After it comes the final and darkest age the Kali Yuga (now), a time of wickedness, when man kills another man.

For more informed information concerning the aspects of the Kali Yuga itself here and here

An interesting post on the Kali Yuga … The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unravelling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle – Here

I am sure there are people who spend their life analysing this aspect of Hinduism … know that I am not very knowledgeable in this area. Hence I would offer Sadhguru to explain the science behind the cycle of four yugas, and calculates the timeline since the beginning of the Kali Yuga after the Kurukshetra War. Here

Any thoughts are welcome.

Reader Engagement

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This is a repost of a blog post I wrote some 6 years ago .. it is still relevant.

It does not matter how the content gets to you, by what ‘road” or in what form, whether in a library book, a hard copy magazine or newspaper, the web and its various forms of streaming … it has something in common … you have to have interest in the content, it has to engage with you .. and make you want you to focus and read on.

This has always been the case. How often have you picked up a book, looked over a few pages, and discarded it. Why ? because it did not engage with you, watched a movie, switched channels, went to sleep or worse still, walked out of a theatre .. or reading a web page and thought , no .. and moved on … read a Twitter stream and nothing, you either clicked good bye or went looking for content that you can relate to, regardless of how the content is delivered to you, how you view it or engage with it, it has to value you and engage with you as a person.

The platform, how the content is delivered has little to do with it … it is the content that keeps you on the blog, and brings you back to it, always the content.

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Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac – a poor experience!

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This is a change from my usual fare … however I felt that this was worth a mention. Recently my Windows laptop started to give trouble … it started to overheat and despite having it serviced and likely areas of concern checked and repaired (like heat sinking, fans etc) no cause could be identified, hence it was time to consider a replacement. I was curious when I investigated options, and thought that I would experiment, hence I bought a MacBook Pro … the reason being that my son has one and has always sworn by it .. I always like to challenge myself, so an experiment had begun.

Overall the Mac is a revelation, it is well integrated, more so than the equivalent Windows device.

I installed much of the same equivalent software from Windows and secured Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac … although Excel and Word appear to work as expected … Outlook 2011 for Mac is a disaster … it is a very poor facsimile of the equivalent Windows Product… I wished they had not called it Outlook, because then I would not have installed it.

It has almost none of the features of the Windows version, it is over-priced for it is just a very simple unsophisticated email client, even looking forward to the new Outlook 2016 offering it doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement, so the outcome for me, is that it has damaged the brand that is Microsoft severely.

So now I am looking for a halfway decent email client to replace it … though not much luck so far.

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On the Edge — Preface and Index

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I am looking at the current state of America, as a visible example and the trend setter (good or bad) for the direction our paradigm of the Western world is heading. One cannot but reflect on the devolution of what was once the home of the brave, and land of the free, for now that is just a memory, but perhaps it is one that can be resurrected and renewed, if there is the courage and the Political will.

The index is as below:

Preface and Index – for my series “On the Edge of the Abyss”is here

Part 1  - A Paradigm of Control — here
Part 2  – Retail and Consumerism — here
Part 3  – Politics — here
Part 4  – Beliefs — here
Part 5  – Media — here
Part 6  – Control & Propaganda — here
Part 7 – Cultural Division, The Media, Judgement and Projections – here
Part 8 – Consumerism and Minimalism – here
Part 9 – Humanity in 2018 – here
Part 10 – A Path to understanding and dialogue – here



Such articles will include Climate change, perhaps the most powerful weapon of mass destruction that humanity has ever created, Environment, Energy, Water, Food and the omnipresent agendas to manufacture wars!

IntroductionSince 9/11 the decline of America (and others) has become mired and pronounced in areas of control, the sacrifice of the Public good for Private gain, facilitated by the Government support of the Private sector. Since, a national strategy of control, conformity and aggression (a warfare mentality), all these have been marked and profound, all these reactions come from fear, not from strength.

It may be spurious to draw parallels between the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and the ongoing destruction of the American Republic, but let’s have a look at this. By its very nature this is a ongoing project, here we begin with an overview. I have used many resources in this brief analysis, the first post of a series. For History reference, the 3 Volume set of Edward Gibbon treatise on the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, the recent — “The Rise of Rome: The Making of the World’s Greatest Empire” by Anthony Everitt — for societies themselves — Jared Diamonds book .. “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” and “Republic, Lost” by Lawrence Lessing, chosen for its particular reference to America.

The omnipresent profound public face of ignorance of the Tea Party / GOP and its Fundamentalist ideology, brings Politicians to the fore who seem to be making a headlong dash to ignorance and the lowest common denominator. They may be being manipulated and through their ignorant inflammatory words manipulate the wider population, through playing up negatives, using quotations out of context, using fear, control, ignorance and denial (Climate Change, Women, and minorities rights for example). The apparent misogyny that men have any right to decide the path of women, especially their sexual rights, and the ridiculous obsession with Gay and Lesbian relationships; is a proof of their misdirection, everyone has inalienable rights to self determination, no matter their colour, creed, sexual orientation or religion.

Whilst I don’t believe the majority of people in Government in Washington and elsewhere are necessarily bad people (some undoubtedly are), there are too many that are under the influence of money that is in the wrong place (Lessing) with the expedient attitudes of many Politicians, this brings us back to the cesspit of the unintended and intended corruption that is Washington DC and some state capitals, the American Political system itself (and others countries I am sure) has been hijacked for the benefit of Wall Street and those who benefit from Wall Street — the inequity that this corruption brings is at the expense of the waste majority of Americans trying to make ends meet in main street, USA.

That the far religious right plunge towards fundamentalism is predictable, their mentality is tribal, judgmental, expedient and valueless — they are in love with the ideology, but have no faith (Pope Francis calls this as an Illness see here – they seem to have no belief is such basic religious precepts, such as forgiveness, kindness, understanding and compassion … instead they merely judge …many proponents of the ideology of “Christianity” cherry pick examples from the Bible, out of context to justify their rants — as it is now and way too many times in the past Christianity is used as a weapon to impose rather than to moderate and heal …. the irony must not escape you, what these limited souls forget is that Jesus said, faith is a private thing between you and God — and “love one another” was his major precept! — I can only think they haven’t read as far as the New Testament as yet, or perhaps the words do not suit their strategy.

In 1912 in the USA, there was a similar situation (Lessing) of the oppressive Influence of inappropriate money, it was overcome with a combined swing away from the conservatives to the progressives, when they captured 70% of the popular vote, in the then Presidential election — too late to stop the great depression … but a major outcome after the depression was the Glass-Steagall Act, an act that held that held financial markets in control — President Clinton passed a law which compromised Glass-Steagall .. it may be conjecture but many commentators argue that the repeal of the relevant provision of this act, led in part to the Global Financial melt down.

Positive change is possible, there just needs to be the will of society (not the current apathy and victim mentality) — however too many are distracted by tiny irrelevant problems that are used to divide and distract the nation … so much information, so much bad news, people become apathetic and indifferent, perhaps they think, what can I do? So the apathy extends to not bothering to vote, what those in control want.

It must be conceivable, that one day America may become something no one surely wants them to be, a liability to the world and its own people, rather than what it was (looking in the wider context mainly in the) a light for what was right.

My own view is that until the influence of money (intended or otherwise) stops, America is on a path to tyranny, the root problem is that attention to Campaign financing should be a priority.

The insatiable greed or the rich and their profitable corporations are subsidized, by the people … the only possible limitation to their unparalleled power is the once powerful Unions, which have been systematically weakened, (culminating in the Reagan era) that they cannot fight the Oligarchy and the entitled — for much of the middle class have no powe (they are slaves to the Corporations), as well Trade agreements worked for the Corporate masters, as it moved so much labour off shore, out of reach and protected geographically, the income from these are financially protected by Tax havens, thus evading the appropriate Corporate taxation — starving the USA of revenue.

Admittedly the overt power of the Unions in the past and the way that it was sometimes expressed through violence and intimidation (in Australia) also added to their downfall and the loss of membership (there are parallels with America here).

Remember every society in the history of the world has collapsed, ours will as well, the when is up to us. If the rich thought about the implications of this selfish strategy or tax breaks, low taxation, reducing social service nets and education all by the influence of the 1% .. they would understand it is this pursuit of more and more, is taking from the majority, who already have little, perhaps nothing — one day when families, these mothers and fathers have nothing more to lose, especially when they have lost hope that their children will have a better future, then you will have your revolution and the cocoon that the rich and the 1% have built around themselves with money, will not protect them.

I am an Australian, the reason I am writing about this is because the USA is a trend setter (Good or Bad) , and where changes bleed down to other cultures around the world, and unfortunately in this bad example, one of them is Australia. Already the fundamentalist ideology of the Tea Party / GOP is affecting decisions in Australia, through the influence of our Corporate masters, we need to learn from the American experience and stop it whilst we can.

The inequities are profound, the Machiavellian manipulation of Christianity, well Christian ideology, where just those cheery picked parts to further and justify the strategy — and rather than allowing the population to be informed, the media focus (for they are an integral part of the control strategy) are used to divide the population by directing the population to unimportant issues whilst at the same time running an agenda to further widen the gap between the rich and the balance, the 80% + of America that are in difficulty.


The percentage of the budget that goes to education is abysmal … America came to the forefront in the world by nurturing and expanding minds, not by controlling them. This strategy to defund Public education, it built around reinforcing a class system, by making the majority of the population poorly uneducated, only suitable for wage-slavery or the military, both to be basically expendable.

The charging of student debt at such high rates forces student (if possible) to join the very system that is oppressing them, this will perpetuate this system of control, all to pursue the myth of the American dream, or perhaps the nightmare of it.


Campaign reform must be an absolute priority, Politicians, many have an expedient value base (or none at all), that says the end justifies the means, they are controlled through their ego, their weaknesses and their aspirations which are either recognition and or power — they are influenced (intentionally or otherwise by contributions) and their own external validation and the biggest illusion, the pursuit of security and money and of course re-election.

The question — should there be career politicians? Should there be other parameters as well, like empathy, education, intelligence and integrity.

Influence — The progression of Government employees, including elected officials moving to K Street, and the Lobby industry influences decision by inappropriate contributions to campaigns or directly to personal wealth of politicians, either by direct funds or perks — here with the seed of the beginning of corruption and manipulation.

The lack of enforcement of existing laws to provide punitive and corrective action to stop the now seemingly fascist tendencies of government, Federal and in some cases states,Police

· Militarisation

· Values, beliefs, morals and legal training.

· Lack of appropriate education and training

The perception of the change from “Protect and Serve” ethos for the community, to an apparent them and us mentality — I am not a Policeman, so I am trying to understand this shift in focus. The situation seems most profound in the USA, where there are no effective limits on the availability of guns, nor any legal limits on their carry and sometimes usage (stand your ground laws) Some, not all Police (and some of the population) shoot first and reflect later.

Gun Laws — Surely a change in the law to minimize the 30,000 deaths per year which directly come from their easy availability and thoughtless use, premeditate and accidental deaths could also be looked at. Self defense is not included.

There is a huge number of Policeman that have honour and integrity and are compassionate and morality based, for them I apologise unreservedly, I am addressing here those that aren’t.

Religious Influence

There are truly good people in America, many evolved souls that think before their act, rather than react before they think.

Religion is being used (as it always has been) to create division and to control — the influence of Corporate Church’s and cults of all types where many are tax exempt, too many are only about the money — an area to examine is whether Churches who have this tax free status are indeed healing the world, and not dividing it, also Churches, whose only function is to accumulate money and influence should be treated as secular instruments and taxed accordingly.

Unfortunately when politics has become synonymous with religion it is merely a cynical manipulative deception, for the far right, I see has no faith in religion, again, they seem to be only interested in cherry picking quotations to manipulate it.


I frankly do not understand this issue at all. I can see how those in power manipulate the populace using fear (scarcity) , however it makes no sense, as all nations including all Americans, if you look into their ancestry all came from somewhere else.

There are other areas I will cover in the coming posts, the concept of Liberty and freedom — the Constitution — (Politicians and the Media re-writing it) — Continuous War — the total lack of care or compassion for returning soldiers, who sacrifice and suffer for America and then are seemingly deserted by it … many become homeless because of PTSD or other reasons associated with their service .. surely this cannot continue.

Rome and its citizens honoured their soldiers.


The consumption lead world economy, is dying, there is or will be no direction, no investment available or the will or engine to create the next. I would also observe that much of the world investment and decision are driven by theoreticians … economists … where no account is made in the calculations are made for the effect of their models of the environment, the pollution of water, land or air … these are regarded as externals and allegedly not taken into account … in my view this is more art than science and is in its application destructive of the planet on which we live.


Attention to be given to the way the USA projects power based on their alledged moral values through influence, but more often for Private gain, and control.

The Military, Industrial and Intelligence communities and Private armies. The Unaccountability of Politicians .. when they insist on it for other leaders as demonstrated by Nuremberg and more recently Saddam Hussein (Iraq) was held accountable, but those behind the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld / Rice / Blair are all jointly responsible for perhaps 300,000 + civilian deaths, yet they are all free.

I must be careful to approach these subject without projecting my beliefs onto it, hence If anyone wants to contribute or help me understand those things that I do not, then I welcome their input, or have any contrary thoughts to my current thoughts. I would welcome any constructive thoughts and dialogue that do not come from dogma, aggression or fear.

Is the future legacy of those who in the past defended to the death the Republic — to be forgotten, or will it’s future be hi-jacked and replaced by tyranny, a dictatorship or worse, a fascist autocracy, or will the well armed citizenry, who have had enough of the Politics of blame and inequality, when they are finally without hope for a better tomorrow, for their children, come together to revolt, or will the USA shake off this momentary aberration and continue to evolve and prosper — time will tell.

Perhaps I am an optimist; I believe the light of the founding fathers still burns within some Americans. They may come through the other side of this — if so they will be changed for sure, hopefully for Politicians, when the choice comes to exchange liberty for short term gain, they will baulk … and recede from the abyss.

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