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2009 a new beginning….

February 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Expect the best, Appreciate everything, Never ever give up, Money is not an end in itself, Make it fun, listen, create a vision, Lead, think, invent, Regroup, Wink, Chill, Smile, and live as if success was inevitable and so it will be. –  that is my credo….

Currently working in commodities, all I can say that this is hard work, very long hours and will kill you if you let it. I know why people do not work here long term….just plain wears you out….The other observation, is that some of the people that inhabit this sector, you could very generously describe them as being human and ethical….where 2 spin for their own benefit to justify their position seems par for the course. This applies to almost everyone, from long term business relations, close confidants as well as people you met in the street, I believe I am a straightforward, ethical and honest person, I strive always to treat other people as I would wish them to treat me, and I think I am mostly successful in this. However I recognize there are those on their own agenda who can never be pleased – the reason why one put up with all this anarchy is that in the commodities world if you jag, a big contract – your financial well being and the attainment of your worldly goals is assured.

Ethical practices should abound here…for instance my business partner…who I worked with for some months, during that time I have learnt an incredible amount…about this sector, something that had taken her a considerable time to accumulate…and for that I cannot express my thanks in words.

My goals are to use the income from this business to set up profit centers, where the profit will as much as 25-30% before tax to go into the formation of new charities to help those people that cannot help themselves – seems an excellent time to do this.

I have some understanding of World Economics…I amongst a throng predicted our current difficulties for too long…with no one taking any notice. Now its too late…Unless something absolutely unexpected happens, like the USA as a whole dramatically changes, the USA is dead as a world economic power…by 2011-2012 the power will be split between Russian, India and China. Although I feel that Obama has the understanding…can he get what needs to be done through congress and the senate…don’t think so… the only way that America has a chance is if there is a complete Paradigm shift in the thinking of the people….moving from this poor me, I am entitled, we have always been on top attitude to you have to work for what you get…nobody is going to give you anything. If I had money to burn…I would go and buy a million dollars of the India Rupee and the Chinese Yuan – then watch those funds appreciate in value against the US Dollar.

I know there are decent people in the USA…there are just not enough of them to make a difference and make it happen…with the schisms in the population by state, by age and by religion…for instance you can track the rise in the the religious right (including Christian fundamentalists) since after the Vietnam war…to the fact that these secular / religious corporations enjoy a tax free status – with a good sales income….and most have absolutely no accountability for their actions. And where Oh where did this Creationism crap come from..? They have this bull in school now…a nail in the coffin of a once proud enlightened and educated they have to invent something to give credibility to the Bible, don’t think it needs it … so much for the separation of powers of the Church and State…Guys there were Dinosaurs….kind of puts a hole in the Creationism theory ….and ignoring it if you could ignore a T-Rex…doesn’t make it right…it just makes you look like a fundamentalist – not different to those that follow every letter of the Koran…the Bible was once explained to me by a great man as a book of stories with morals to teach us…so we learn…not blindly follow some law written about Pig Skin thousands of years ago…it you want Christianity to be relevant then make it relevant to the era we live in…

Another thing … what will happen next is a push for protectionism…for Labour (happening now in the UK) and where possible goods…this can be done in the USA due to the domestic market…where it will lead to a complete loss of worldwide loss in confidence in the USA…almost like a child…where when they get a bit upset ….they take their toys and go home…God I hope they don’t do it…it will just accelerate the destruction of the US economy. And you question why the USA will fail…seriously hope I am wrong here…don’t think so.

Economics wise the result is in almost world wide return to the days for a fair days work a fair days wage….this idea that still permeates Wall street that these bonuses are necessary to keep the bright staff is absolute self serving bull….well if those bankers, financiers or other high fliers don’t think they are being paid enough…let them leave and see how many of them actually even get another job.

I beg you – come back to reality…the normal man in the street, is hurting….worldwide…if you cannot impose some self control…then the government will evoke some controls through the amount of money it has poured into these companies and vote these self serving idiots out…let them see if they ever get another job – no one minds people having bonuses when times are good, and companies are in profit…but to still pay themselves bonuses …. when these same companies are in turmoil and there is so much red ink around – is absolutely irresponsible…and some would say broaching on the fraudulent….because how can Wall Street pay billions in bonuses when companies are making a loss.

World priorities should be…..(1) Sustainability in all green areas, food, water, energy, recycling (2) Investment in Solar and Wind power (3) Financial resolution…(4) Less greed ..and so much more..

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