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A perspective on engagement and people

August 5, 2017 Leave a comment

I find talking to people of like and different minds stretches our boundaries, takes us to places we had not dreamed of, breaks boundaries and brings new perspectives, even on the ordinary. Such was part of the reason I left Australia, I disliked intensely the frenetic, chaotic surface thinking that was the norm ….it was mostly about the self and self-gratification … and sometimes even just about survival, I felt in the environment I was within I could not grow any more …. for this was driven by the last thing I wanted to happen was to be on my veranda when I am 90 and think I should have done this or that, I want no excuses, no regrets. So now I often ask myself what to do, or where to next?

Please try not to limit yourself, the Universe will give us what we need …. I too have financial limitations … when I hit something that looks impossible, I always think, I cannot do this … YET … for your life can and will change in a heart beat …. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. For me to ameliorate such thinking, is to have my plans my goals and move little steps towards them, if for instance you wish to live in Provence in France… then think about a dream board … take baby steps and the pieces will slowly come into place, or an event could happen in your resources that makes it eminently viable.

There is an inverse relationship between faith and fear …. The more faith you have in yourself and the Universe the less you will be fearful …. Great Big Hugs!

The past is only for learning from … it does not define who you are or who you will become, in time, we hopefully forget what hurt us in the past, but never forget what it taught you!

Please … forget how things worked out in the past, for you were doing the best you could at the time – forgive what happened, for when you do you will find true freedom, … next time will be different because you are not that person anymore. Don’t limit yourself, the Universe has plans for you … the pain you have gone through brings us a lesson, at some point understanding this lesson will bring strength, which can bring a purpose … I know I went through what was effectively the same lesson three times, before the last and final one (so far) … that was the basis of so much evolution and growth in my life. I am told by my close friend and former teacher, that these lessons are us working through our Karma with the people concerned, to address our own actions or the learning experience which we have chosen …. One of my lessons was the nature of love, the difference between conditional love and love and the difference between a Cathexis and real love – the word love is such an overused word, that it many conversations it has lost its true meaning …. All these lessons are so subjective, I can only talk about how they affected me, I cannot present this as some sort of dogma, because to start, I am not a fan of dogma, it’s a bit like building a prison … and putting society in it … I don’t believe it is our role as people to generate dogma, or to project our beliefs onto others, but merely to help guide everyone back to their own divinity which they have forgotten for the moment.

We speak of others, lamenting on the countries I have visitied, for say America or other societies, I cannot in any way understand their thinking, or for the many, the lack of it, their insular behaviours examples like Trump who is the epitomy of the Kali Yuga, the worst of humankind, such people are all about the ego, driven by an uncontrolled id (Freud’s model). Don’t judge them for as Jesus said, “for they know not what they do” just accept (not agree) and stay detached, the dogma of the current paradigm and the stalled emphasis of the almost dead consumer society that has created them – frankly no one knows what the next stage of society will be, there is no political direction, so its up to each of us to follow their own path

Just remember that everyone, every soul is in transition, from where they are, and given enough lifetimes, they too will reach the light, or in the case of Buddhism, Buddhahood.

Many times, of Twitter I have been accosted by some who have a different view than mine, sometimes abusive, I don’t enter into a discussion, because one must realise that we cannot change someone’s beliefs, (this they must do for themselves) – some are there on Twitter purely for their own ego, to tear someone down to enhance their own faltering ego and emptiness …. engagement with such souls is pointless. My response is usually “Thank you for your perspective”.

You may have an internal witness, if not as yet you will in this life or another … this entity acts to empower us, to allow us a different perspective on our thoughts, to question thoughts that come from desire, from the egomind, from our past and our “what is” – (in my case, it acts to tear away or question the internal fears and erroneous beliefs) that the normal subjective self-judgement would allow us.

When we master the art of staying present, still often we have to remind ourselves that the way to treat this thought, this circumstance is to be mindful, be present in the moment – that reminder to myself was and still is on occasion, a revelation.

The Yugas

According to the Mahabharata a Hindu epic scripture (the Bhagavad Gita, in only one part of it), there are four ages of truth ….. We are currently in the Kali-Yuga the last, the darkest and most corrupt of the ages – the attributes (?) of this age are all around us. At the end of this age, the dregs of mankind will be removed and we start again at the Satya Yuga, the Golden age. Needless to say, we will not be in these bodies when the new age restarts, it is called the Satya Yuga.

To start the first age, the Golden age – that Satya Yuga here –

After the Satya Yuga a decline marks the Treta Yuga

After a further decline brings about the Dwapara Yuga

After it comes the final and darkest age the Kali Yuga (now), a time of wickedness, when man kills another man.

For more informed information concerning the aspects of the Kali Yuga itself here and here

An interesting post on the Kali Yuga … The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unravelling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle – Here

I am sure there are people who spend their life analysing this aspect of Hinduism … know that I am not very knowledgeable in this area. Hence I would offer Sadhguru to explain the science behind the cycle of four yugas, and calculates the timeline since the beginning of the Kali Yuga after the Kurukshetra War. Here

Any thoughts are welcome.

Darkest day in 327 years …

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment

An amazing shot below of a time-lapse video of the Winter’s Lunar Solstice.. it was shot December 21, 2010 from Gainesville, from approx 1.10Am (local EST) to 5.03am EST local Florida time

Poland – a choice

April 13, 2010 Leave a comment

My sympathies go out to the Polish people, friends and family of those traveling in the jet that crashed and killed the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and many of the country’s political elite.

In the upcoming weeks, the Polish people have a choice, lets hope they choose well for the future of Poland.

Please see the article from the Times here

A brief profile of the President and further background from is here


Blowing in the wind

March 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The world we grew up with, is blowing in the wind…  (an extract from a recent Skype discussion of mine with a business associate…)

David: Yes – the whole world is blowing in the wind… the world we know now will not exist … when this global paradigm shift is over…. the pressure is mounting world wide for a major event…. to make us realise something that will be a key to our own survival… and future

CRP: Can we be prepared?

CRP: or will we be prepared?

David: No… I don’t think we can be… I think the only thing you can do is hold onto your faith, whatever that is for you… believe … and love and help who you can…  as you will be helped…

CRP: Very well put

David: thank you….  we are all here for a reason… we just need to realise and not limit ourselves by our ego and daily perceptions…  I am a little way along the road, but from time to time, I too need to remind myself, to take my ego out of the now, and accept gratefully all that is given… and what is also taken away…  you learn to be grateful for what you have… because each of us truly have a lot, by being accepting of what happens and rely of your beliefs… that will see you through … I believe

I guess what we need to realise, is we cannot survive without the world, but going on our performance in the last 200+ years, the world would truly blossom without us… so please take notice..

Just think of this – how much of the past survives today….?  Just imagine if all that was left of us were the things we have… 10,000 years from now ( not even a blink in the eye in relation to time) , almost nothing would survive of today… but ideals, the whole, love, beauty, art and our human spirit is eternal… it does not need a place… it is everywhere and in everything.

Telstra the Australian Communications , what I wonder?

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment

This is a bitch session… in that regard you may want to move on… however lets start.

Most of my business life I have felt inclined to support Telstra… support Australian and all that – now I wonder why..

Aside from being about twice the cost of everyone in the marketplace, which the spin has always been then give superior facilities, features, reach and service – this is proving to be very old… and frankly untrue, as when it comes to the main markets their service, features and support is no better than their competition, however one aspect of their operation (I am sure there is more) is just plain pathetic.

For the real issue is the billing and payments side of their operation, where they interface with the public, in this case with me…. they make commitments when you are signing up for a service then break them,, they agree to charge $x then make up the charges as they go along, and whilst I find the operatives at the telstra subsiduary at Bigpond, generally refreshing and worth talking to… Telstra itself, is a disaster… now I am not blaming the people within Telstra… they work within a shell, a system, but some thinking must be really askew here, someone or some oversight committee has to be a fault for such a systemic failure of this part of their operation.

They promised me a refund for some equipment we purchased, then 4 months later when I queried it, they said they had a problem with one of the codes… after all they cannot say they couldn’t contact me to correct the issue….as the whole refund was based around my email account… really!!!!  Then they said it would another 3 months… do you think Telstra has some cash flow issues….??? If not what could possibly be the reason for their pathetic customer service.

Every month I dread the arrival of the bill, they always.. ALWAYS screw it up… I have just been able after 6 months to make them understand I cancelled a service and have not used it since May… A month ago Bigpond agreed I have been over charged and gave me a credit of just under $200, but it has not filtered down to Telstra billings… they are still demanding payment for services I cancelled 6 almost 7 months ago….and the other side of the coin.. having new services connected.. well I moved to new offices in May… and they have still not connected extra landlines I need.. which we ordered before I arrived.  I wonder if anyone else can do that for me ???

Think I will go looking for an all around provider… someone who actually listens to me… whatever happened to the old idiom, the customer is always right… they seem to function on the premise that the customer is always wrong… they do not listen to their customer base… this will cost them dearly in the long term…  people will walk… very shortly me for one… if the DO NOT LISTEN.

Our Future is within us…

August 23, 2009 Leave a comment

On occasions we can all be a pain, me included… especially when we don’t get our way… but kids of all ages do that… they are all about the “me” of it… it’s not until later in life that they realise like we did that there is someone else in life whose needs they need to take into account – even then some of us do not realise this… the need to evolve into something outside the norm… something that realises that we are all one…

Well although I am going through a bumpy road at present … I know at the end of the day… that things will be perhaps not as I want them now… you know great success, happiness, zillions of dollars… perhaps they may be success, happiness and only billions of dollars (ha ha) … or who knows…perhaps you think it is odd, that I am still striving for success in this material world…  but also success in my spiritual world as I want to get back as close as I once was, perhaps that time was before I was even born… when I was at one with the Universe… and I will not be that way again until I go back to the Universe – however whilst on earth it is my aim in my life to get as close as I can to this state of being at one.  I do not think that success in both world’s are possible at the same time… because material success requires that we are in this world, and spiritual success perhaps means we are of the world, but not in it….they are almost mutually exclusive, because when you reach a truly enlightened state – you should have no need for money.

So I ask of myself… many times .. what can I do to improve our lot in life… as I have probably mentioned before… I do not think any of us knows this… we can only use our many personal assets to make a difference… to do something… almost anything positive… until our destiny is revealed…. But surely if you are doing something that is close to you individual bliss then you are close to your personal Shangri-la… too many – I once did as well… look outside themselves into exterior people, lifestyles, organisations and religions to make them happy… I have discovered that everything we were, we are now and what we will be is already within us… this is quite easy to understand if one believes that time is not linear… and to do the best step forward, so to speak… using (in my view) meditation –  you must try to temporarily radically quieten that left side of your brain… something that can normally only be done when one meditates…. Perhaps an insight to this can be graphically illustrated in the following Jill Bolte Taylors Video that can illustrate the difference in cognisance between the left hand and right hand hemispheres…. – as you can see and understand the left hand hemisphere, that part of our brain thinks in language, linearly and methodically, it takes taking the input from our senses, extracting details, then sorting, cataloguing, planning and relating those details to past experiences – it is therefore bound by time.. the right hemisphere, thinks in pictures and only in the moment, it is the source of our greatest inspiration, art and is not time bound – some say we touch the Universe via connection to the Universe via the Right hemisphere…you will soon understand what I mean, what we are trying to “see” when we meditate… to switch off or at least quieten down (that little voice in your head comes from the Left)  the left hemisphere… to connect ourselves to the Universe via the right hemisphere to the greater consciousness…

It is my fervent spiritual goal to get as close as I can to a connection with “all of us – the greater consciousness” – you may think I presume to much…. Such a place of enlightenment can only be achieved by a very few, Jesus, Buddha and a very few others have achieved this – the theoretical beauty of such a state is that whatever one needs will be made available to you…. So why do you need money… for instance if you say I have to travel to New York, the means will be made available… maybe not by jetliner (first class… but you never know) … but there will be a way to arrive in New York…  perhaps… well I am hypothesising here as I have not reached that state as yet (and probably never will as I am too concerned with the present and the future) … currently, I believe if you need something done – you have to do it…. So a state of enlightenment is still a way off for me….. As I still believe I need to do…. to achieve.

My personal goal is to be happy with a partner … but if that is not to be then I will be happy without one… living for the betterment of mankind in any way I can do this – through individual help, or when I have money to give some of it to those in research, and non-commercial, non secular organisations that actually help people on the ground… something perhaps from a micro-loan (Australian style), for instance buying someone a washing machine perhaps… now one cannot just give stuff away… because the only way that people appreciate something is if they have contributed in some way on perhaps given something in exchange… like, but not like the pass it forward concept…  so for instance if we… whoever we is – bought someone a washing machine they would give of their own time in helping someone else that needs help… perhaps through reading, writing, sewing, babysitting or whatever they have that is of value that they can afford to give…. There would not be a value placed on their work… no one would ever say “we gave you a washing machine and all you did was x “   this is not what it is about….

Also there is the state of mind that is initiate by words, words have power, because words represent positive and sometimes negative ideas…. what would happen if everyone could concentrate of the word “peace”, “food for all”, “Love your fellow man” being positive, rather than negative overtones…. perhaps during the US Federal Election in 2000 … if more people said vote Gore and less people said don’t vote for Bush, or mentioned his name at all… perhaps then the history of the last 8 years of the White house may have been totally different… and the USA would not be looking at a USD$9 trillion deficit.

I am on my soap box… these thoughts have been developing in me for some years… the only way I can see myself retiring is to go back to the Universe… in the meantime hopefully my thoughts and actions of myself and others may initiate the drive to go on an make the world a more equitable and fairer place for all of us… surely shelter, food and clean water for everyone is a good place to start, I believe that once you influence people in your circle, then if they believe they will influence in their circle and so on… given enough time… and it may be generations to influence all of mankind… the world may one day look and be as beautiful at ground level as it is from a space ship looking down on this wonderful beautiful planet of ours.I am looking for help here…. I don’t want to be a lonely voice in the wilderness… if you want to contribute or have some positive constructive ideas of your own… lets talk.

So where am I – really ?

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I know I am mainly content, and that I do not normally get upset or anxious about the effect the world has on me.

Hmmm…… that’s not exactly true,  sometime when I don’t look after myself, don’t eat well, don’t sleep enough or don’t exercise …. it all hits me at once… and I know what I have to do to make things better for me…

Once I start meditating, sleeping and exercising and watching what I eat, things change for the better very quickly… occasionally I have this need to eat certain types of food…. sometimes lettuce, vegetables, or other green leaf vegetables which quickly get me back on the straight and level…. it reminds me of the times when I walked my dog, and he will stop and munch away on this piece of grass or the next… my body is saying I need this…. once you oblige .

Emotionally I am pretty fine… I read a lot, and write a lot, so most of the issues I have inside me to talk about end up here… on in the word-processor… it is amazing how therapeutic it is… there is somewhat of an emotional emptiness as this sort of life can be somewhat solitary… but when the Universe believes the time is right … I will meet with someone who I am to share my life with… if that never happens, well that would be sad, but I guess that would be all right to…

So I am going to think how far I have come… and come back here and talk walk it through – to see how much a belief in yourself, in your goals, in other people can lead to success… which of course I have not achieved in full in material terms as yet, but I am achieving in spiritual terms, for this I am happy.

So I shall meet you back here to talk about this in the future when it is the right time for you and for me.

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