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A perspective on engagement and people

August 5, 2017 Leave a comment

I find talking to people of like and different minds stretches our boundaries, takes us to places we had not dreamed of, breaks boundaries and brings new perspectives, even on the ordinary. Such was part of the reason I left Australia, I disliked intensely the frenetic, chaotic surface thinking that was the norm ….it was mostly about the self and self-gratification … and sometimes even just about survival, I felt in the environment I was within I could not grow any more …. for this was driven by the last thing I wanted to happen was to be on my veranda when I am 90 and think I should have done this or that, I want no excuses, no regrets. So now I often ask myself what to do, or where to next?

Please try not to limit yourself, the Universe will give us what we need …. I too have financial limitations … when I hit something that looks impossible, I always think, I cannot do this … YET … for your life can and will change in a heart beat …. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. For me to ameliorate such thinking, is to have my plans my goals and move little steps towards them, if for instance you wish to live in Provence in France… then think about a dream board … take baby steps and the pieces will slowly come into place, or an event could happen in your resources that makes it eminently viable.

There is an inverse relationship between faith and fear …. The more faith you have in yourself and the Universe the less you will be fearful …. Great Big Hugs!

The past is only for learning from … it does not define who you are or who you will become, in time, we hopefully forget what hurt us in the past, but never forget what it taught you!

Please … forget how things worked out in the past, for you were doing the best you could at the time – forgive what happened, for when you do you will find true freedom, … next time will be different because you are not that person anymore. Don’t limit yourself, the Universe has plans for you … the pain you have gone through brings us a lesson, at some point understanding this lesson will bring strength, which can bring a purpose … I know I went through what was effectively the same lesson three times, before the last and final one (so far) … that was the basis of so much evolution and growth in my life. I am told by my close friend and former teacher, that these lessons are us working through our Karma with the people concerned, to address our own actions or the learning experience which we have chosen …. One of my lessons was the nature of love, the difference between conditional love and love and the difference between a Cathexis and real love – the word love is such an overused word, that it many conversations it has lost its true meaning …. All these lessons are so subjective, I can only talk about how they affected me, I cannot present this as some sort of dogma, because to start, I am not a fan of dogma, it’s a bit like building a prison … and putting society in it … I don’t believe it is our role as people to generate dogma, or to project our beliefs onto others, but merely to help guide everyone back to their own divinity which they have forgotten for the moment.

We speak of others, lamenting on the countries I have visitied, for say America or other societies, I cannot in any way understand their thinking, or for the many, the lack of it, their insular behaviours examples like Trump who is the epitomy of the Kali Yuga, the worst of humankind, such people are all about the ego, driven by an uncontrolled id (Freud’s model). Don’t judge them for as Jesus said, “for they know not what they do” just accept (not agree) and stay detached, the dogma of the current paradigm and the stalled emphasis of the almost dead consumer society that has created them – frankly no one knows what the next stage of society will be, there is no political direction, so its up to each of us to follow their own path

Just remember that everyone, every soul is in transition, from where they are, and given enough lifetimes, they too will reach the light, or in the case of Buddhism, Buddhahood.

Many times, of Twitter I have been accosted by some who have a different view than mine, sometimes abusive, I don’t enter into a discussion, because one must realise that we cannot change someone’s beliefs, (this they must do for themselves) – some are there on Twitter purely for their own ego, to tear someone down to enhance their own faltering ego and emptiness …. engagement with such souls is pointless. My response is usually “Thank you for your perspective”.

You may have an internal witness, if not as yet you will in this life or another … this entity acts to empower us, to allow us a different perspective on our thoughts, to question thoughts that come from desire, from the egomind, from our past and our “what is” – (in my case, it acts to tear away or question the internal fears and erroneous beliefs) that the normal subjective self-judgement would allow us.

When we master the art of staying present, still often we have to remind ourselves that the way to treat this thought, this circumstance is to be mindful, be present in the moment – that reminder to myself was and still is on occasion, a revelation.

The Yugas

According to the Mahabharata a Hindu epic scripture (the Bhagavad Gita, in only one part of it), there are four ages of truth ….. We are currently in the Kali-Yuga the last, the darkest and most corrupt of the ages – the attributes (?) of this age are all around us. At the end of this age, the dregs of mankind will be removed and we start again at the Satya Yuga, the Golden age. Needless to say, we will not be in these bodies when the new age restarts, it is called the Satya Yuga.

To start the first age, the Golden age – that Satya Yuga here –

After the Satya Yuga a decline marks the Treta Yuga

After a further decline brings about the Dwapara Yuga

After it comes the final and darkest age the Kali Yuga (now), a time of wickedness, when man kills another man.

For more informed information concerning the aspects of the Kali Yuga itself here and here

An interesting post on the Kali Yuga … The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unravelling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle – Here

I am sure there are people who spend their life analysing this aspect of Hinduism … know that I am not very knowledgeable in this area. Hence I would offer Sadhguru to explain the science behind the cycle of four yugas, and calculates the timeline since the beginning of the Kali Yuga after the Kurukshetra War. Here

Any thoughts are welcome.

From now on…

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I posted this from my personal blog… in it the message is clear… go forward (even at a shuffle) and embrace the world and the future with energy, love, honour, truth and fairness, with your God…


Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially
do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love,
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding
as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Max Ehrmann, (Sept 1872 – Sept 1945). Copyright 1927.

Thoughts on the now

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Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin.

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who
That it’s namin’.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside
And it is ragin’.
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’…….

(Words and Music by Bob Dylan, 1963)

The time is upon us, where we need to change or change for which we are not prepared, will be forced upon us…. What we’re witnessing and experiencing with the many crises the world is facing is a paradigm running out: an entire framework of our societal morals and values, a reality that can no longer contain the problems that it creates, nor can it solve them. A paradigm is a way of saying a shared idea about life, but it’s an idea with incredible momentum and many people trying to hold it up, the status quo.

There are good things about our current reality, the fact that it gives individuals something to strive for… unfortunately this something, money is not worth pursuing for its own sake… and it’s accumulation does not outweigh all the negatives of the current system which has replaced integrity, honour and ethics with lies, spin and expediency … in a new society where all the above good is valued will be created (I understand that compromises will take place… but never at the expense of life and our home ) and that which will give individuals something worthwhile to strive for cannot be money, but working in a self structured, unselfish way for the common good. I do not know what this new form of reality, this new paradigm will be at this point.

To me, it’s becoming obvious through the 2008 financial crisis, its current effects, the impending new financial crisis… and this oil mess (there are plenty of others), are a wake-up call for all of us… that the profit motive is not the best thing to have running at the core of our civilisation. Greed is not spiritual, it’s not sustainable and it’s not even useful; and we are feeling the devastating results of a culture based on this selfish self-serving principle.

Similarly, just because we have always lived a certain way doesn’t mean it will continue, the way we live is not sustainable, in fact in business we learn to change and evolve continually – we need to change as it is part of the very philosophy for our present and future relationships… the way we live now, is not a substitute for love or for trust, yet it’s the way we most often try to coexist – we basically live in hope, that “she will be right or there’s no problem” and so we accept – I do not think we accept voluntarily, we accept because we cannot see an alternative…. so that we accept is too strong a word… we are in fact apathetic towards what is so apparent – but because we, who are part of the paradigm – we do not perceive it as a immediate threat to confront – we do nothing.  We do not look for alternatives, or initiate change (even in ourselves) we just stumble from one disaster to another… In general our current approach to life and the living of this paradigm does not contain the reality of our relationships, for our Spiritual, emotional or social needs.

My sense is that there may be an upside; a positive aspect of this disastrous oil spill, that’s threatening to kill aquatic creatures in the Gulf ( its early days, who knows what the final result will be – if the Oil gets into the Gulf stream – what then ?), actually this event could herald an environmental awakening.

The possibility of saying goodbye to the shores of much of The Gulf and the Caribbean as we remember them, unspoilt beautiful azure crystal clear water… abundant life …. This event may be the first step to wake us up to re-evaluate where we are going – and really do we want to go there…. There is a huge risk to our home if we continue down this path.… this hoped for revelation or perhaps even an epiphany if you like, must be built and revealed within each of us, from person by person as part of our own individual choices, then through the coordination of our individual choices to become those of our families, our communities, then onwards a forceful movement with a louder voice, from community to community, until one day it becomes the new world paradigm…  Perhaps we can start very simply by being conscious of the way we use energy, water and make a conscious commitment to use less plastic and fuel every day.

If you are thinking about your neighbour and not just your own insular world, then these events, and the ones to come, do seem destined to wake up enough people to the simple truth that as a society, we have run out of ideas about how to live, and we will now be shown that there are consequences to this, if we don’t resolve to change. What we are witnessing does seem destined to stir people to make a difference — not necessarily a lot, but just enough. I’m not speaking from my unshakable faith in humanity (unfortunately) to take care of itself, but rather the way that aspects develop and unfold.

Another strange possibility that may have contributed to this disaster, or perhaps the next one, may be that the Gulf of Mexico is a favourite dumping ground for the US military who have dumped tens of thousands of tons of old, expired or unstable munitions, bombs and the suck like… you know … the old adage… out of sight, out of mind… I wonder if the explosion was caused or contributed to by a left over bomb or other explosive device…?  I remember from my childhood when I lived in the Solomon Islands… Guadalcanal in fact (the center of severe fighting in the Pacific in World War 2) … I was told of the large stockpiles of ammunition stored at Hell’s point from World War 2, as well thousands of tons of war equipment, such as tanks, trucks, jeeps, air-planes, and munitions were just dumped in the sea… of the Solomon’s.

Perhaps the best way of understanding this need to change, is to start at home, we need to dump a huge bag of our normal household rubbish onto the back porch and figure out what’s in there and how it got there and what we can do about it. We literally need to question everything – every assumption of the way we live.

We all know there is a problem and many people I know, feel powerless, where to start?  However at the same time they feel that time is running out.  We have been living with this feeling for some time, and  perhaps we will be for as long as we live. To do something constructive would be in our own best interest, as it would be for the world.

Within our own sphere of influence (our relationships, family) we need to make conscious choices, and communicate those choices … even if they seem to be piecemeal, minuscule – only a shuffle forward … it is all positive. Perhaps the reason that so few do, is the feeling that these attempts appear hopeless bearing in mind the enormity of the task of saving our home … we need to have some responsibility back into our hands, and put us into contact with the truth that we are part of the world in which we live, and that it is part of us.

For those people we meet today or tomorrow may be a new beginning of relationships that turn out to be truly significant, perhaps we may meet and find our planets and all of its inhabitant’s true identity and then gather with others with that knowledge, and make positive changes.

This time should be an awakening for us, so many things have gone wrong, are going wrong… is it all coincidence that all these worldwide problems are happening at the same time… the huge Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that has a potential to turn the beauty of Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean effectively into a toxic waste dump.. by dumping 50,000 barrels of crude daily into the Ocean… Now this blood-coloured crude oil is soaking the Gulf of Mexico, it will cause irreparable damage to the wetlands (the kindergarden for many marine species) , and now threatens to wash up on beaches from the Gulf of Mexico at the moment, perhaps travel up the entire East coast of the USA with the Gulf Stream – so I wonder how many people will have the foresight to travel to their beaches to say goodbye to this once unspoilt beauty ?

Each of us, needs to make changes, in a positive way, no matter how small, so we will have the opportunity to partially redeem our current learn thinking, which is based on using non-sustainable resources, with our own knowledge that this disaster is an opportunity to right many wrongs.

The problem when an old paradigm runs out is that most people do not have a clue as to what’s happening, and don’t take a creative role in what happens next. Perhaps it’s because they don’t know what to do next… no concept or even where to start…. But I think that it is simpler than that, I think we’re being called right now to do both: to notice, and to make adjustments to our thinking and then in our behaviour, our economic patterns (what we buy how we spend our money) and in our relationships and to fill the current spiritual void of greed with a change to the current paradigm to that of one that supports all creatures, great and small.

Perhaps if we decided to travel less, use Public transport more, not buy anything that is wrapped in plastic… and where necessary, use bio-degradable products only, make constructive and positive changes in the way we use the simple things such as water … because water may well be the next Global challenge, definitely a new way of thinking is needed. Together with the deforestation of many old growth forests, we are setting the seeds for our own destruction, and thanks to us… the Armageddon is growing very well… we need to stop it…

If we say use Public Transport more, those which are electric powered, some may say that this just moves the pollution from the cities to the coal fired power generation centers are … so new technology to generate peak load power is urgently needed – we need to invest in our future – and stop this by investing in all forms of sustainable energy / water saving inventions and the like, being taken out of the Public domain by being sold to Corporations – these are then buried and by these corporations and by governments who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

Thoughts come from many different directions from Max Whisson, and his machine that just uses wind power to provide fresh water from the humidity in the air around us… to his fresh water river from sea water…. the thoughts are all out there… keep your eyes open…

We have some serious thinking to do, to work out what it is we want, and what sort of society we want for our children and their children…  in time, a movement will start formerly, a huge grounds well of dissatisfaction is growing with the current paradigm, this new feeling and movement will be made up of normal people, who realise we have to change the way we relate to each other and the rest of the world… and will be based upon a huge dissatisfaction with the status quo. In time (hopefully a short time), this movement will be followed by a vocal response to change Governments by making those Governments and corporations that create this oil dependency and the fact that have effectively killed alternative fuel opportunities, and have goaded us into wars funded by our stupidity and lack of moral courage – based on the scarcity principle, to maintain the fiction that we need to maintain the status quo… we should be spending more on research, on alternative energy sources, such as way to naturally grow Hydrogen as a fuel (currently the normal manufacturing process is not sustainable), aside from heat it generates, it seems to be the current hope, it seems to be the nearest thing to a portable clean fuel… then fuel cell technologies, and some insist of major resources into finding a clean non-nuclear way of providing peak load power… there are innumerable options in the search for alternative power generation …  (Real investment.. in fusion technologies will one day yield a positive reward) the answers are there, we need new innovative thought, we need support for these new ideas, and we need leadership …. We won’t get this leadership from our present political structure as they only want to sustain the status quo. What innovative thoughts ever come out of a Nations Politicians and capitals – very few, I cannot think of any… let’s face it..

But change will happen, hopefully over time, but at the very least a spiritual revolution will happen, is happening in the way we need to live our lives, but this change will not and is not flourishing within the current paradigm we live in.

Albert Einstein said…

”The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

We need innovative thought, from all of us including our children, some may have the insight into this new world paradigm that is waiting for us.

We will need to make new adjustments every day, even as we shuffle forward…  if you or I are one of the people to step up, that are summoned by time and events to do something, my first step forward is to  live in a open highly conscious way, aware of the effect on our relationships, and our planet and how we influence the world. I think we are being summoned to “Care”, to give a dam, and to stop being so passive and accepting about the direction our politicians are taking us (leading is not the right word here) – let’s remember that they have few original ideas in general, if the leadership must come from us, by putting those people in power that can actually move us in the right direction, then lets us make it so – the old political them and us doesn’t cut it anymore… its all of us… who need the same thing – a future.

I have a suggestion: don’t waste your time waiting for anyone else. This is about you. As soon as you accept that it’s about you, then it can become about us, and we can make something positive happen as humanity as a whole.

The human and cost to the planet associated with maintaining the status quo are too horrible to comprehend, such scenarios realistically include societal collapse on a huge scale, and if we do nothing the worst case is the ultimate death of our planet… and naturally our own.

Question:  500 years after societal collapse what do you think our descendants will see as our legacy … everything made of steel will have turned into dust, perhaps the concrete roads may still be visible through the vegetation, assuming of course that the steel reinforcing hasn’t broken down… and after the inevitable wars and anarchy we will return to the basics we need for survival to that of the basic human needs, food, water and shelter –  we will have returned to our lives as hunter gatherers and hopefully we are advanced to a stage where we can farm –  and grow our own food. What do you think someone would think of a computer, who have never seen one before, and there was no power to turn it on… a book stop… or perhaps something to keep the door open…

We are not currently spiritually aware and certainly not responsible enough to realise this is not only about us….

We have a chance, for our descendants sake, to envisage a new world, and its new paradigm where we are able to live in the relationship with our world, as a partner, not in our current role as a needy dictatorial sociopath, who cares nothing for the future of the world or the people in it.

We are at a fork in the road, (in fact I really think we are almost past it ) … I entreat you to please choose carefully – and start making a different in your life, if not for you, then to minimize the effect of you children and the coming generations….

Once the societal collapse comes, aside from the anarchy…. the social breakdown, which will included of course the breakdown of law and order, and the rule of law… many people who in this world who are dependent on drugs to maintain their health will not survive, probably myself included..  Charles Darwin strikes again … the strong, the fit and the healthy will survive – lets hope they are not only physically healthy but can think outside the box as well.

You need to take action… dig up the back garden, mulch your leftovers, and start growing your own food… because you will need it… install water tanks, a move your life towards sustainability, do it now before that day comes when there is no food in the supermarkets, and no water in the pipes

Know this, change is coming, be prepared for it, or be consumed by it  …. let’s stop and think now… we cannot sustain the way we live life… make positive changes as many as you can in the transformation of your life to sustainability… if enough of us do this, it will result in a shift in priorities and a change in how you / we live our lives… and it will force us all to confront the need for worldwide change in how we live our lives. After this, add time… and governments will follow. Otherwise when change comes …. we will have no way of surviving.

A New World…

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There is no point postulating why we are here… we all know why…In the commercial and corporate world there needs to be changes in the basic way we judge performance… and this will mean we need to change the underlying motivations (this will require a huge paradigm shift… this kind of shift usually only comes about after a dramatic event) … and the laws and regulations that are built on them….however the whole structure we call civilisation is in grave danger of blowing in the wind… by just running around putting out fires… the usual response from Governments, the people who have little original thought…. these people are great at spin, and putting a positive face on something that has no positive aspect… the US and many others Economies are in a deep almost irrevocable situation – the only positive aspect there is that is will pave the way for a new world order…. this will happen by revolution unless somebody takes the leadership…  but I do not think any form of leaderships has the balls to do what is needed…. and so all this political spin and noise (which will not change anything) –  which is in essence is inactivity is going to be the death knell of the financial commercial world (which underlies our whole way of life) as we know it. There is huge anger brewing in the population, after denial in the grief process we then have anger…   it is a basic part of our make up… and it is something that cannot be diminished by spin…   I think the depth of this anger is being undervalued…

I published an article about a scenario of dramatic civil unrest in the world, particularly the USA (due to the easy availability of weapons) .. and right now I see only negatives.. no positives… for instance… no matter how much the USA needs a Universal Health system (and it does need one), now is not the time to bring one in… (due to the debt burden it will manifest) soon the national underlying debt of the US economy and many others including my own… will reach those of a banana republic…. and once that stage is reached ….its only a matter of when, not if there will be civil unrest… big time… the rule of law will be on the line … and we will have a revolution… maybe not a full drawn out Civil war type but it will be real (it will be the end of the status quo at the very least)… with one side (the government) using everything in their power to maintain a self destructive march into the chasm, the rights and values that the founding fathers hold dear… those underlying the US constitution will be revoked… and the other side… normal people will be trying to get some say over their own lives…. and some quality of life for themselves and their families.

Also remember, now a large sector of the population have little if not nothing to lose. So is civil unrest an possibility…. I have spoken about this before … here

The end result, especially if Government’s use the Army or National guards against their own citizens is a foregone conclusion.

Then we will have a great period of anarchy…. but after all this and the feeling our way in the dark a new basis for the world will put up its hand… it will be different… and we will need to try and come to terms with it… because in the end, it may not be based on individual or corporate greed, the problem now is the majority of people are in financial servitude to their Feudal Lord… their bank, their boss or their governments. This cannot go on.

There is a huge Political chasm between the Conservatives and the Democrats that seems to have no resolution, not even perhaps with the cost being the USA itself … I believe we are on incredibly dangerous ground, so perhaps before 2016, we will see prominent signs.

I am confident that the necessary changes to stop this or at least postpone it will NOT be made within the current financial and political system… I see little hope of anything that could make a difference being done – so we are all in for a new experience…. I am not diminishing the seriousness of such changes, especially on our own personal freedoms and safety…. but when the smoke clears… until the message and the morals are again corrupted .. there will a new moral paradigm.

I hope I am wrong… but I don’t think I am.

Our Future is within us…

August 23, 2009 Leave a comment

On occasions we can all be a pain, me included… especially when we don’t get our way… but kids of all ages do that… they are all about the “me” of it… it’s not until later in life that they realise like we did that there is someone else in life whose needs they need to take into account – even then some of us do not realise this… the need to evolve into something outside the norm… something that realises that we are all one…

Well although I am going through a bumpy road at present … I know at the end of the day… that things will be perhaps not as I want them now… you know great success, happiness, zillions of dollars… perhaps they may be success, happiness and only billions of dollars (ha ha) … or who knows…perhaps you think it is odd, that I am still striving for success in this material world…  but also success in my spiritual world as I want to get back as close as I once was, perhaps that time was before I was even born… when I was at one with the Universe… and I will not be that way again until I go back to the Universe – however whilst on earth it is my aim in my life to get as close as I can to this state of being at one.  I do not think that success in both world’s are possible at the same time… because material success requires that we are in this world, and spiritual success perhaps means we are of the world, but not in it….they are almost mutually exclusive, because when you reach a truly enlightened state – you should have no need for money.

So I ask of myself… many times .. what can I do to improve our lot in life… as I have probably mentioned before… I do not think any of us knows this… we can only use our many personal assets to make a difference… to do something… almost anything positive… until our destiny is revealed…. But surely if you are doing something that is close to you individual bliss then you are close to your personal Shangri-la… too many – I once did as well… look outside themselves into exterior people, lifestyles, organisations and religions to make them happy… I have discovered that everything we were, we are now and what we will be is already within us… this is quite easy to understand if one believes that time is not linear… and to do the best step forward, so to speak… using (in my view) meditation –  you must try to temporarily radically quieten that left side of your brain… something that can normally only be done when one meditates…. Perhaps an insight to this can be graphically illustrated in the following Jill Bolte Taylors Video that can illustrate the difference in cognisance between the left hand and right hand hemispheres…. – as you can see and understand the left hand hemisphere, that part of our brain thinks in language, linearly and methodically, it takes taking the input from our senses, extracting details, then sorting, cataloguing, planning and relating those details to past experiences – it is therefore bound by time.. the right hemisphere, thinks in pictures and only in the moment, it is the source of our greatest inspiration, art and is not time bound – some say we touch the Universe via connection to the Universe via the Right hemisphere…you will soon understand what I mean, what we are trying to “see” when we meditate… to switch off or at least quieten down (that little voice in your head comes from the Left)  the left hemisphere… to connect ourselves to the Universe via the right hemisphere to the greater consciousness…

It is my fervent spiritual goal to get as close as I can to a connection with “all of us – the greater consciousness” – you may think I presume to much…. Such a place of enlightenment can only be achieved by a very few, Jesus, Buddha and a very few others have achieved this – the theoretical beauty of such a state is that whatever one needs will be made available to you…. So why do you need money… for instance if you say I have to travel to New York, the means will be made available… maybe not by jetliner (first class… but you never know) … but there will be a way to arrive in New York…  perhaps… well I am hypothesising here as I have not reached that state as yet (and probably never will as I am too concerned with the present and the future) … currently, I believe if you need something done – you have to do it…. So a state of enlightenment is still a way off for me….. As I still believe I need to do…. to achieve.

My personal goal is to be happy with a partner … but if that is not to be then I will be happy without one… living for the betterment of mankind in any way I can do this – through individual help, or when I have money to give some of it to those in research, and non-commercial, non secular organisations that actually help people on the ground… something perhaps from a micro-loan (Australian style), for instance buying someone a washing machine perhaps… now one cannot just give stuff away… because the only way that people appreciate something is if they have contributed in some way on perhaps given something in exchange… like, but not like the pass it forward concept…  so for instance if we… whoever we is – bought someone a washing machine they would give of their own time in helping someone else that needs help… perhaps through reading, writing, sewing, babysitting or whatever they have that is of value that they can afford to give…. There would not be a value placed on their work… no one would ever say “we gave you a washing machine and all you did was x “   this is not what it is about….

Also there is the state of mind that is initiate by words, words have power, because words represent positive and sometimes negative ideas…. what would happen if everyone could concentrate of the word “peace”, “food for all”, “Love your fellow man” being positive, rather than negative overtones…. perhaps during the US Federal Election in 2000 … if more people said vote Gore and less people said don’t vote for Bush, or mentioned his name at all… perhaps then the history of the last 8 years of the White house may have been totally different… and the USA would not be looking at a USD$9 trillion deficit.

I am on my soap box… these thoughts have been developing in me for some years… the only way I can see myself retiring is to go back to the Universe… in the meantime hopefully my thoughts and actions of myself and others may initiate the drive to go on an make the world a more equitable and fairer place for all of us… surely shelter, food and clean water for everyone is a good place to start, I believe that once you influence people in your circle, then if they believe they will influence in their circle and so on… given enough time… and it may be generations to influence all of mankind… the world may one day look and be as beautiful at ground level as it is from a space ship looking down on this wonderful beautiful planet of ours.I am looking for help here…. I don’t want to be a lonely voice in the wilderness… if you want to contribute or have some positive constructive ideas of your own… lets talk.

So where am I – really ?

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I know I am mainly content, and that I do not normally get upset or anxious about the effect the world has on me.

Hmmm…… that’s not exactly true,  sometime when I don’t look after myself, don’t eat well, don’t sleep enough or don’t exercise …. it all hits me at once… and I know what I have to do to make things better for me…

Once I start meditating, sleeping and exercising and watching what I eat, things change for the better very quickly… occasionally I have this need to eat certain types of food…. sometimes lettuce, vegetables, or other green leaf vegetables which quickly get me back on the straight and level…. it reminds me of the times when I walked my dog, and he will stop and munch away on this piece of grass or the next… my body is saying I need this…. once you oblige .

Emotionally I am pretty fine… I read a lot, and write a lot, so most of the issues I have inside me to talk about end up here… on in the word-processor… it is amazing how therapeutic it is… there is somewhat of an emotional emptiness as this sort of life can be somewhat solitary… but when the Universe believes the time is right … I will meet with someone who I am to share my life with… if that never happens, well that would be sad, but I guess that would be all right to…

So I am going to think how far I have come… and come back here and talk walk it through – to see how much a belief in yourself, in your goals, in other people can lead to success… which of course I have not achieved in full in material terms as yet, but I am achieving in spiritual terms, for this I am happy.

So I shall meet you back here to talk about this in the future when it is the right time for you and for me.

2009 a new beginning….

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Expect the best, Appreciate everything, Never ever give up, Money is not an end in itself, Make it fun, listen, create a vision, Lead, think, invent, Regroup, Wink, Chill, Smile, and live as if success was inevitable and so it will be. –  that is my credo….

Currently working in commodities, all I can say that this is hard work, very long hours and will kill you if you let it. I know why people do not work here long term….just plain wears you out….The other observation, is that some of the people that inhabit this sector, you could very generously describe them as being human and ethical….where 2 spin for their own benefit to justify their position seems par for the course. This applies to almost everyone, from long term business relations, close confidants as well as people you met in the street, I believe I am a straightforward, ethical and honest person, I strive always to treat other people as I would wish them to treat me, and I think I am mostly successful in this. However I recognize there are those on their own agenda who can never be pleased – the reason why one put up with all this anarchy is that in the commodities world if you jag, a big contract – your financial well being and the attainment of your worldly goals is assured.

Ethical practices should abound here…for instance my business partner…who I worked with for some months, during that time I have learnt an incredible amount…about this sector, something that had taken her a considerable time to accumulate…and for that I cannot express my thanks in words.

My goals are to use the income from this business to set up profit centers, where the profit will as much as 25-30% before tax to go into the formation of new charities to help those people that cannot help themselves – seems an excellent time to do this.

I have some understanding of World Economics…I amongst a throng predicted our current difficulties for too long…with no one taking any notice. Now its too late…Unless something absolutely unexpected happens, like the USA as a whole dramatically changes, the USA is dead as a world economic power…by 2011-2012 the power will be split between Russian, India and China. Although I feel that Obama has the understanding…can he get what needs to be done through congress and the senate…don’t think so… the only way that America has a chance is if there is a complete Paradigm shift in the thinking of the people….moving from this poor me, I am entitled, we have always been on top attitude to you have to work for what you get…nobody is going to give you anything. If I had money to burn…I would go and buy a million dollars of the India Rupee and the Chinese Yuan – then watch those funds appreciate in value against the US Dollar.

I know there are decent people in the USA…there are just not enough of them to make a difference and make it happen…with the schisms in the population by state, by age and by religion…for instance you can track the rise in the the religious right (including Christian fundamentalists) since after the Vietnam war…to the fact that these secular / religious corporations enjoy a tax free status – with a good sales income….and most have absolutely no accountability for their actions. And where Oh where did this Creationism crap come from..? They have this bull in school now…a nail in the coffin of a once proud enlightened and educated they have to invent something to give credibility to the Bible, don’t think it needs it … so much for the separation of powers of the Church and State…Guys there were Dinosaurs….kind of puts a hole in the Creationism theory ….and ignoring it if you could ignore a T-Rex…doesn’t make it right…it just makes you look like a fundamentalist – not different to those that follow every letter of the Koran…the Bible was once explained to me by a great man as a book of stories with morals to teach us…so we learn…not blindly follow some law written about Pig Skin thousands of years ago…it you want Christianity to be relevant then make it relevant to the era we live in…

Another thing … what will happen next is a push for protectionism…for Labour (happening now in the UK) and where possible goods…this can be done in the USA due to the domestic market…where it will lead to a complete loss of worldwide loss in confidence in the USA…almost like a child…where when they get a bit upset ….they take their toys and go home…God I hope they don’t do it…it will just accelerate the destruction of the US economy. And you question why the USA will fail…seriously hope I am wrong here…don’t think so.

Economics wise the result is in almost world wide return to the days for a fair days work a fair days wage….this idea that still permeates Wall street that these bonuses are necessary to keep the bright staff is absolute self serving bull….well if those bankers, financiers or other high fliers don’t think they are being paid enough…let them leave and see how many of them actually even get another job.

I beg you – come back to reality…the normal man in the street, is hurting….worldwide…if you cannot impose some self control…then the government will evoke some controls through the amount of money it has poured into these companies and vote these self serving idiots out…let them see if they ever get another job – no one minds people having bonuses when times are good, and companies are in profit…but to still pay themselves bonuses …. when these same companies are in turmoil and there is so much red ink around – is absolutely irresponsible…and some would say broaching on the fraudulent….because how can Wall Street pay billions in bonuses when companies are making a loss.

World priorities should be…..(1) Sustainability in all green areas, food, water, energy, recycling (2) Investment in Solar and Wind power (3) Financial resolution…(4) Less greed ..and so much more..

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