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Twitter – has it reached its use by date

May 25, 2012 Leave a comment

I have used Twitter for well over a year .. and frankly speaking I find it to be the best and most immediate and responsive of the Social Media Applications .

However recently myself and others have found it to be somewhat stagnant … it is not breaking any new ground, in the terms of demographics or geographic penetrations.

Now it is being not used anymore for the purpose to which it was created, but that is a normal progression .. however we still have those who cannot apply new thinking to a new product and are still using it like Facebook as a list of products … so old media … so mass media … not how one works with Social media at all ..

I have always believed that the best marketing program is a mix of all media .. including old media … electronics and print … all the way to Social Media .. whose function we know if to create and nurture relationships, it is not and never will be a direct sales channel.

Any questions .. ask away

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