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UK Elections

May 7, 2010 Leave a comment

It is Friday morning early as I write this…. as I check the BBC website, its tells me one seat has been decided… my view is that although I had high hopes that the Liberal Democrats will have a great election.. but I don’t think so; the current worldwide financial crisis, as well as the European Unions own home grown crisis will I think polarize the electorate; to a clear choice of the two main parties… there will not be any dramatic gains for The Liberal Democrats as well I do not think any one of the major parties will be able to form a government in their own right; personally I think it will be a hung parliament, with the Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power.

Just think what would have happened if there had not been a Greek initiated financial crisis in Europe …? However I think it would have happened, if not Greece, then Portugal, Spain and Italy are all contenders as well.

Who will win the rush to the largest single party, methinks the Conservatives will be. We shall soon see if I am right or … two main parties..

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